October 04, 2006

Kids Reels

Okay, so I watched Jaws again. The East End's own Roy Scheider was so good as the chief of police and Robert Shaw was great as Quinn. I understand that role was modeled on one of Montauk's deep-sea shark fisherman (Frank Mundus), and Richard Dreyfuss was excellent as the off-Islander who knew sharks.

It was a scary movie. The shark music created terror. But what hit me on this viewing, because like Amity, we are a summer resort community, where a lot of families live elsewhere in the off season, was that the characters played down the possible danger because of the need to earn money. What struck me is that when people make important decisions that impact others, it is good to know what their stake in the matter is.

By the way, I experienced the most scares I ever had watching that movie long ago with my grandmother. I thought I would faint when she screamed, practically jumping out of the chair when the shark unexpectedly re-emerged. Now that was scary. Interesting film. Worth seeing again. I recommend it. Three tennis balls.

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