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September 27, 2006

Weisz Buy Moves Forward

It's got 1000 feet of ocean frontage, bluffs, moorland, freshwater wetlands, scenic views and significant habitat. It's home to such rare flora and fauna as the Blue Spotted Salamander, the Spotted Turtle, the dragon's mouth orchid, lady's tresses orchid, and bushy rockrose. On the down side, it's also rumored to harbor no small population of chiggers. But soon it will be ours, all ours.

Last Thursday night the East Hampton Town Board hosted a public hearing on the purchase of the Weisz property in Montauk. Speaking on behalf of the Concerned Citizens of Montauk, Carol Morrison extolled the wisdom of lawmakers considering a partnership purchase with Suffolk County.

With a total price tag of $9 million to be split between the two municipalities, the land comprises 26.6 acres. It's located to the east of the Montauk Shores Condominiums and west of the historic Montauk Association houses.

Testifying at the hearing, Scott Wilson, who manages the town's Community Preservation Fund said, "We are once again fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with Suffolk County toward the possible acquisition of approximately 26 and a half acres located in Montauk off DeForest Road." Following the hearing, the board voted to move forward.

All that remains is the adoption of a similar resolution by county lawmakers. The property was included in a Master List of desired lands compiled at the behest of County Executive Steve Levy. He lays claim to the preservation of nearly 2500 acres since he took office in 2004. This year, he created a $50 million Environmental Legacy Fund, which provides matching moneys to municipalities for acquisitions. The town will use money from its Community Preservation Fund for its $4.5 million share.

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