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September 27, 2006

Shelter Stories


It's disturbing that we got so few calls about Kisses, the young female boxer mix saved by the Humane Society because she was so unique and loveable. She's now under the care of RSVP. What a beauty. She got the name Kisses for obvious reasons. She loves people. Living the first year of her life at the end of a two foot chain in a junk yard should get someone curious enough to see her, walk her and adopt her. Readers, you're letting me — and Kisses — down. She needs a second chance more than any dog I've written about so far. (And I love them all.) Please call RSVP at (631) 728-3524.

Sadly, this is the time of year when people dump dogs on beaches, highways or "move." "Moving" is the oldest story. "They won't let us bring her," an owner says as he dumps what was once a beloved family member at the pound to an uncertain fate. How can people live with themselves and do this?

That was the sad story of the yellow lab, Tigger, last week's dog. And it's the story of Spades, who's also at Riverhead Animal Shelter — (631) 369-6189. Her ID number is 220. Look at that great trusting face. She's a female spayed lab mix, housebroken and great with children. She also likes other dogs. I'd recommend that you bring your dog, if you have one, to meet her. And the sweet lab Tigger.

These two labs aren't really senior dogs. They have a lifespan of 13 years and are in great health. Spades loves to play and be walked. She knows basic commands such as sit, come and down. And, of course, fetch. Ever met a lab that didn't? That's in their genes.

All of our adoptions have been successful so far. No bad news to report. But Trevor, Summer, Sheba and Kisses still are waiting for homes. Please don't forget them.

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