September 20, 2006

Gone Fishin'

Steve at WeGo Fishing Bait and Tackle in Southold reported that "it's porgyville" out on the North Fork. He said that the bay near buoy #17, through the Middle Grounds and around Rose's Grove was dynamite action this past week. He advised heading off around Fisher's or Gardiners islands for the biggest ones while some monster scup were taken along the Sound off Little Gull and Horton's Point.

Steve noted that bluefish are everywhere with the largest of recent days hooked off Jessups as they begin to make their fall run. WeGo saw decent striped bass, particularly on the night bite with dark bucktails and live eels. The shop had weighed in some weakfish snagged by Rose's Grove, and Steve said that surf fishing was picking up along the Sound.

At Capt. Marty's Fishing Station in New Suffolk, Christina reported that the porgy action by buoy #22 was very active and that chumming would surely deliver great results. She noted that there were weakfish taken just to the east of Jessups, with a few kingfish in the mix, along with a ton of feisty blues.

Ken at White's Bait and Tackle in Greenport agreed that the scup action at the present time is as good as it gets. He'd heard reports all week from Robin's Island, Shelter Island, Sag Harbor, Greenport and East Marion that noted the obvious presence of large porgies in the area. White's weighed in several decent weakfish hooked on clams and squid, using sandworms as the best choice of bait.

Ken had suggested using live snappers for extra variety while fishing in shallow waters as their vigorous movements would tempt larger predatory fish to check out the action. He also said that there have been several recent sightings of false albacore repeated to him by bass anglers who had stumbled upon them quite unknowingly. Unfortunately, none of the anglers could get to them fast enough as these fish are truly speed demons when being pursued.

Out in Shinnecock aboard the Shinnecock Star this past Friday proved well for a group who had endured a dismal day of fishing. The fish were either too small, too few or too invisible. Enter Capt. John to the rescue to put his passengers over the rock piles off Shinnecock, sending home happy customers with huge sea bass and scup.

Out of Orient aboard the Brooklyn Girl, the past weekend's porgy bite was solid including one trip with four anglers who each went home with approximately 40 large scup. The biggest was 16.25 inches, according to the logged-in report from the Noreast.com website. It seems that the scup they bailed on Saturday held a ton of 15-16 inch fish.

Montauk is always a hot place to fish, even when it gets cool. This past week was no different as the Sea Otter IV braved the rough weather and a northeast wind to scoop scup on the outgoing tide. A login to the Noreast site noted hot action just north of Montauk Point while the striped bass catches continued to dominate the local fishing scene.

Join the surf action, which is beginning to be more productive. Or jump on a party boat, charter boat or even maneuver your own vessel to one of our island's many productive "fishing holes" as we begin to see the fall run pull itself together.

Good Fishin' to all of you!

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