September 20, 2006

School Days


School is in full swing!

The Kindergarten class is having fun with the letter 'A,' learning all about Apples, Animals, Ants and Astronauts. They will taste different apple treats for snack and create a class project showing their favorite 'A' snacks: apple slices, applesauce, apple pie and apple juice.

Ms. Annadanielle Gullo's Kindergarten class would also like to congratulate Emilio Hernandez for being the "Star Student of the Week"! Emilio loves to share with his friends and was an A+ helper with the class calendar this week.

The Kindergarten students are also looking forward to begin reading with their seventh grade "Reading Buddies." Last Friday, Reading Buddies were introduced to each other at morning meeting and then enjoyed a special snack together. In addition to reading, the two classes will join together for a special "Cooperation Quilt" making project.

The seventh grade is also hard at work entering Scholastic's "Kids are Authors" contest. This is an annual competition where students work cooperatively to create a book that, if chosen, will be published. It is a wonderful competition, one that encourages teamwork and creativity, while improving writing skills.

CDCH's fifth and sixth graders are working closely together this week, implementing a reading and writing workshop. The goal of the workshop is to develop and improve reading and writing skills by exploring various texts and by cultivating the students' ever-growing imaginations.

East Hampton Middle School

Hispanic Heritage Month is on the way! The East Hampton Middle School will celebrate with a trivia contest on Hispanic geography and culture. Each morning for two weeks, a challenging question will be posed to the entire school. The homeroom with the most right answers at the end of the contest will win a tasty Hispanic treat. Bueno suerte, students!

Here's some exciting news from the math and science department: This is the first year that East Hampton Middle School has a class of 16 eighth graders who are taking Math B, semesters one and two. They will be eligible to take the Math B Regents Exam in January '08. Most of these doubly accelerated students are also in Life Science, which would normally be taken next year by the accelerated students and in tenth grade for the average student. Expect great things from this class!

School is in, and it is as busy as ever. Students have Friday's school dance to look forward to, and the Bonac on Board to Wellness assembly has kicked off another year. The school play has a full cast list, and the football team is looking forward to a great season. Dr. Lamorgese has moved up from the elementary school to become the middle school principal. The newspaper club has started their beats, so expect the first issue of the year sometime around Halloween!

On Friday the middle school had an assembly to kick off Bonac on Board to Wellness, which is starting its third year. Bonac on Board is spreading to Montauk and Springs, so all district students can participate. In order to teach students to always think positive, Friday's assembly featured a speaker who focused brain waves.

Our Lady of the Hamptons

The Almost Three program for students who will turn three between December 1 and May 1 will begin in mid-October. This one half day each week program is an initial step in the pre-school educational offerings at OLH-St. Rosalie's campus in Hampton Bays. Call the school at 283-9140 for information.

Eighth graders Robert Borgono, Robert Terry, Jarred Robins and Justin Sinclair were given the Boy Scouts' "Ad Altare Dei Award" by Bishop John Dunne at the Boy Scout Convocation held at St. Agnes Cathedral.

Coach Barney Ryan, Physical Education director at OLH has announced the formation of a new middle school soccer team at the school. The team will participate as members of the Catholic Middle School's Association Athletics League. They also compete in basketball, track, cross-country, cheerleading, baseball and softball.

Tuckahoe School

Our second week of fourth grade is off to a great and busy start — we're getting to know the routines of the class and of our daily schedule. We have jumped right into writing, reflecting on our summer vacations. We have begun looking at the geography of New York and map-reading skills in Social Studies. We will discuss geography related vocabulary words this week as well.

In math, we have reviewed a little and are now jumping into place value. We have our fourth graders practicing the multiplication and division facts at home with their parents. These are very important as we move ahead in math. In Reading Workshop, we have been going over ways to choose books and enjoying time for independent reading each day.

This year our third graders will be keeping a personal portfolio. The portfolio is a way for parents, students, teachers and administrators to more easily see a student's progress throughout the year. Just as professional artists and others showcase their best work in a portfolio, students will showcase his/her best or more improved samples of their work in portfolios. With teacher guidance, students will select samples of reading and writing, and add these pieces to their portfolio throughout the year.

The samples will come from the language arts area, as well as from the content areas: math, health and social studies. Students will learn how to evaluate their own work and how to set goals for future growth. These evaluations and goals, together with teacher comments, will be attached to each work sample. We plan to host "Portfolio Picnics" where friends and family can come and view the portfolios.

Stella Maris

The students at Stella Maris returned from summer vacation to find a number of exciting improvements at their school. The gymnasium was renovated over the summer, and the school now has a brand new gym floor! The music room has also been upgraded to include two more Yamaha keyboards as well as an upright piano, and the language lab now features an iPod-based computer system. Students were happy to welcome Mrs. Geraldine Fragano as the sixth grade homeroom teacher and middle school science specialist.

In a constant effort to promote physical fitness, Stella Maris is offering an extensive selection of after school activities. Students can choose from ballet, Irish step, gymnastics, yoga, intramural basketball, swimming, cross country, soccer and track.

The students in Mrs. Dellapolla's first grade class have been studying the "sound alphabet." And, in an effort to get to know each other better, the students all brought in items that tell about their personality and put them into the pot of "Me Soup."

The students in Miss Fordham's third grade class have been studying their math using the challenging new Sudoko puzzles.

Grades five through eight will begin their electives with some new choices. Students can choose from technology, sign language or Italian. In addition, each student will study foreign language by taking one semester each of Latin, Spanish and French.

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