September 20, 2006

Kids Reel

With all of the current events discussions going on now between the President, the Congress and Colin Powell as to the treatment of prisoners (when we know there is a war, but there is no war) who are higher-up kinds of prisoners, more important than regular prisoners, and how far Americans can go to get information that may save American lives and others, I recommend Judgment at Nuremberg, with Spencer Tracy and Marlene Dietrich and an extra-special performance by Maximillian Schell as the defense attorney.

Questions are raised in this film about war crimes against humanity. Why someone should be able to ask these questions when there isn't an official war is something I don't understand. The film is really good no matter what is being discussed. The acting is excellent. The script is intelligent and raises questions, teaching about things we might not know in our generation. So I really recommend Judgment at Nuremberg for all readers.

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