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September 20, 2006

Hampton Daze


The rain and cold air has set in and the season has officially come to an end. All we've been doing this week is reading teenage romance novels and watching back-to-back episodes of "Desperate Housewives" and "Sex & The City." We know we said we would keep summer going until snow hits the ground, but really, we're tired and need a break. Being the party is a tough job for us, and everyone needs a vacation. Even when we do venture out of the house it's not the crazy nights that we're used to. We are perfectly content sitting at a table, having a drink, and writing poems about the bartenders at The Publick House.

"Alex, Alex he's the man, Take one look and you'll understand . . . "

We realized that writing stupid poems about each other is a really fun way to kill time. We decided to have friends of Hamptons Daze write some poems about us, and this is what two of our dear friends came up with:

Poem 1:

Hamptons Daze

It is the craze

Read it once

You'll be amazed

Jameson, Jameson

She brings the fun

She'll arm wrestle you

She'll be number one

The boys end up crying

To their moms they go sighing

Veronica, Veronica

Give this girl a harmonica

She'll play you a song

All night long

This girl never tires

She's always on fire

These girls are a dream team

They'll break your heart

But boys should hang out with them

If they are at all smart

You'll never have so much fun in your life

And hours later you'll want to make one your wife

One day they'll be famous

They'll have their own shows

Their families might disown them

For acting like hos

But it will be ok

That's all I can say

When they are together magic happens

That's why they'll be 'forever mackin'"

The End

Poem 2:

Veronica & Jameson

Are partners in crime

I'll tell you about them

In this rhyme

They don't do lines

They don't pay for drinks

They could care less

What other people think

Veronica is known to be a vixen

Prances around like a little sex kitten

She never misses a ladies' night

Gets all dressed up primped and right

Jameson has the Shakira hair

It's really amazing

You can't help but stare

She wouldn't hurt anyone even a fly

She'll dance all night

And her hips don't lie

Hamptons Daze is really great

Come hang out with them

And don't you dare be late!!

To all the readers who think we're getting lazy have no worries. We have plenty of fun things to write about coming up. The thing about summer season ending is that another season begins . . . WEDDING SEASON! Yeah, we plan on crashing a few just to see what it's like. We'll report on that at a later date.

We enjoy compliments very much

so if any of you readers out there feel

the need to get a pen and paper and

write us a poem, feel free, we would

love to hear it. Send them here

to or

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