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September 13, 2006

Southampton Girls' Tennis Preview Lady Mariners Eager to Compete

First, the bad news: Olivia Kronemeyer. the #1 singles star for the Southampton girls' tennis team, will attend the Academia Sanchez-Casal in Barcelona, Spain this season. The school is an elite academy that will nurture her incredible tennis talent and could be the starting point for a future professional career. Kronemeyer was one of the top players on Long Island as a freshman last season and would have given the Lady Mariners a legitimate shot at an individual county champion later this fall.

Now, the good news: coach Alexis Glowa can focus on a team rich with talent and experience, a team that has yet to establish true singles roles.

"Losing her was tough, but it was a great opportunity for her [Kronemeyer]," said Glowa. "They [the team] all played singles last year, so the maturity level will be there. They've worked hard over the summer and I think that we will see that maturity on the court this season. Varsity is the major leagues and I think they're ready."

Alex Dunham and Chloe Gifkins, both juniors, are currently in contention for the top two singles positions, as is sophomore Julia Pucci. New addition Jordan Dubin, an eighth grader, played on the junior varsity last year and will occupy a singles spot in her first year in the big club.

Anchoring Southampton's doubles squad are returning All-County players Julia Glanz and Ashley Czelatka, both seniors. The Lady Mariners second doubles squad is also impressive with returning all-leaguer Jessica Parker teamed with Jackie Rambo, a senior.

"Our first doubles team looks really great," Glowa said. "They are really motivated and they had such a great season last year . . . I think they're looking to repeat."

New players include juniors Jane Gelb, Brittney Finder and Phung Truong along with sophomores Aleshandra Fernandes and Melanie Parnon.

"We're pretty solid overall, especially in the singles," said Glowa. "It's hard to tell [how we'll do], because so many teams in our league graduated players. You never know. The one thing that we have is the familiarity of being here before. It's just going to be a wait-and-see kind of thing for all of us." We're hopeful and everyone's working hard and having fun."

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