September 13, 2006

Gone Fishin'

Farewell Fluke

Fluke season came to an official end yesterday, but not before those last minute anglers had another opportunity to find a keeper. Steve at East End Bait and Tackle in Hampton Bays told me that there were numerous fluke catches out in front of the inlet, with bass behind the inlet taken on clams and worms. Some of his best customers had done really well with the porgy catches all over the Peconics.

A posted report from the Noreast.com website noted that a boater fishing on Saturday off the eastern fringe of Moriches Inlet hooked two keeper fluke along with a large bluefish. Another angler just outside the Shinnecock Inlet worked diligently to go home with a 21-incher and a 24-incher. He noted that both were the fattest he'd seen all season.

While anglers can no longer keep any fluke they might catch, there's still a plethora of other fish to keep everyone happy. Freddie's Bait and Tackle in Montauk reported that the surf scene was a bit quiet this past week, probably due to the aftermath of Ernesto, the strange temperatures we've been experiencing and the full moon on the 7th. Sometimes, when all these elements come into play, the fish head out into deeper water. Surely our new moon September 22 will change this scenario.

Freddie's also noted that Shagwong was producing some very large bluefish, many in excess of eight pounds. Keep in mind that some avid surf anglers simply can't be put off by the comments they might hear from fishing buddies about the lack of fish close to shore. Last Friday, one such dedicated Montauk surf fisherman worked the beach and hooked up with schools of cocktail blues and schoolie stripers. The best part of the Noreast.com posting was the incredible photographic scrapbook assembled to show our beautiful shorelines, sunsets and sunrises through the eyes of a devoted local angler.

Lest we forget the end of fluke fishing, the Shinnecock Star reported a strong fluke bite in the bay this past week, along with a ton of bait in the water. It appears that we should soon be in for a strong fall run!

Capt. Marty's Fishing Station in New Suffolk reported some great catches and happy customers. On Sunday, a group who took out one of his skiffs returned with weakfish that were taking just about anything that skimmed the bottom of the bay. The anglers kept close to 60 large porgies in the 16-18 inch range. This is huge for scup, so now is certainly the moment to fish for them.

Steve at WeGo Fishing Bait and Tackle in Southold weighed in two "kid catches" last weekend hooked by locals Willow and Walker Sutton, ages 10 and 12. Willow had several bass during the day's outing aboard the family boat, but her 20.80 pounder hooked in the Race was a proud keeper. Her brother Walker went home with a giant bluefish in excess of eight pounds.

Steve said that porgies are everywhere and weak-fishing has picked up while sea bass are becoming more common by Gardiners and the Ruins.

Don't wait. The fishing's great!

Good Fishin' to all of you.

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