September 13, 2006

Town Board Talks Trash

The Southampton Town Board took a break from its usual weightier agenda topics including reassessment woes, code violations, affordable housing and open space preservation when members got down and dirty at Friday's work session about what some deem a positively pressing issue — new trash cans.

Southampton elected officials discussed a resolution, which they were expected to vote upon at yesterday's town board meeting, regarding authorization of a purchase of upgraded waste receptacles for certain areas within the hamlet of Bridgehampton.

According to the resolution, the intent of the "Beautification Partners" budget is to aide not-for-profit organizations and the town in maintaining landscaping and other amenities at bus shelters and train stations.

To that end, the Bridgehampton Village Improvement Society has been contracted to keep certain areas of the hamlet, including the train station, the Hampton Jitney bus stop on Main Street,

and the town-owned parking lot behind the Candy Kitchen, looking spiffy.

Not possible, they say, with the tired old trash receptacles and battered old oil drums littering the landscape of the historic hamlet.

The BVIS has approached the town and requested that six brand-new, upgraded waste receptacles "that complement the traditional Bridgehampton country atmosphere" be purchased and placed at key locations. The ritzy receptacles, manufactured by Victor Stanley, Inc., are created of fabricated metal components and feature a formed lid and rubber tipped leveling feet at the base. The pricetag? A whopping $850 per can, or a total of $5,100, inclusive of shipping charges.

In total, 26 cans will be needed for Main Street in Bridgehampton.

The funds for the project, reminded Councilwoman Linda Kabot, are from the Bridgehampton public parking district, not town taxpayers.

But keeping up with the Joneses could cause quite a commotion as other hamlets and municipalities jump on the trendier trash can bandwagon. In fact, said Councilwoman Nancy Graboski, Sag Harbor has already taken the plunge with new trash receptacles.

"It's a pilot program," said Councilwoman Nancy Graboski. "If they like it and want to go to the next level, we can go forward."

In other Bridgehampton beautification news, the town board was expected to vote yesterday on resolutions regarding an irrigation project for the Bridgehampton train station as well as the purchase of upgraded waste receptacles for Militia Green.

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