September 13, 2006

Shelter Stories


If Kisses, a one and a half year old boxer mix could talk, she would tell us how long she lived tied to a two foot chain in a junkyard filled with garbage and how she survived the worst that life had to offer.

Good Samaritans Ann and Mark, from the Humane Society, found her starving with her puppy that later died. The police were called but there was no need for drawn guns. Kisses kissed her rescuers and got a new name. There wasn't a dry eye in the yard of the abandoned house. The gentle dog only had a wagging tail and love for those who came to rescue her from the lonely hell she had endured. She's been that way with people ever since.

Brindle in color, Kisses weighs 53 pounds. She's been spayed, has all her shots, and except for being thin, is now in excellent health — thanks to Ann, who visited her every day since she found her in July. She's now an R.S.V.P. dog. If you want to see Kisses and walk her, please call (631) 728-3524. And bring a ball. She loves to play and have her tummy rubbed.

King, the golden retriever mix, and Kerri-Bear are thriving in new homes. Trevor is still playing with the horses at the farm. (Don't forget him.) And Sheba is undergoing training. Summer is with a foster family. But please don't forget Kisses, readers. She's very special to all of us because of what she lived through and survived.

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