September 13, 2006

Hampton Daze

"Pretend I'm your Polish exchange student!" Jameson yells to Veronica at Beach Bar on its closing night. Jameson turns around and starts talking to some boy in a language she made up herself. He looks over at Veronica confused. Veronica shrugs and says to Jameson, "I think he heard you yelling at me in English." He laughs at Jameson and walks away.

If we had put a little more thought into this plan it really might have worked. True, there are more polite ways of getting out of talking to boys you don't want to talk to, but isn't making up your own language more fun? We plan to test this theory sometime in the near future and not let it be known that we do speak English.

We held our benefit for Make-A-Wish Foundation at Star Room this past

week. We would like to thank everyone who came out and supported this great cause. We look forward to throwing more parties like this in the future. We do what we can to help out. Visit www.makeawish-suffolkny.org if you are interested in making a donation.

Since everyone we know is sick with a head cold this week, and we've been too busy detoxing from Labor Day weekend to leave the house, we really have nothing else to write about. We've decided to do a photo layout with photos from our end of summer bash at Star Room with a great thanks to the people who didn't get too drunk at the Boardy Barn to make it to our party. Enjoy!

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