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September 06, 2006

On The Beat

A Labor of Love

This week's column will be on the short side because while we at The Indy celebrated the true spirit of Labor Day by actually working, most of the contrarian world, including some police records departments, elected against laboring despite the clear implications of the holiday's name.

Timing was everything in the case of a $2000 watch stolen from a suitcase at the Panoramic Hotel in Montauk last Thursday; the owner of said timepiece, a resident of Great Neck, said he would continue searching for the watch when he returned home. If you can't beat the heat, steal something: that was motto of the person who stole a $210 AC unit from the Crow's Nest in Montauk sometime between August 28 and 29. The East Hampton-based owner of a Bridgehampton National Bank card that was lost in July reports someone made $1617 in charges. He has since canceled the card.

A Dodge Stratus valued at $1000 was stolen from Springs Fireplace Rd. in East Hampton sometime between August 24 and 25. A 2005 Toyota sustained $1400 in damage when a criminally mischievous sort broke the windshield and rear windows when it was parked on Blue Jay Way in East Hampton last Wednesday. Nothing was stolen from the vehicle. At East Hampton Airport, someone caused $1000 worth of damage to a runway sign by cutting the support legs and breaking the plastic enclosure sometime between last Wednesday and last Thursday.

Soused Sorts

This week's DWIs come from Southold and East Hampton towns. Last Wednesday, Southold PD arrested a 39-year-old Greenport man for DWI after he failed to stop at a sign on Center Street. On Sunday the same PD picked up a 21-year-old Bergenfield, NJ woman for drunk driving on Rte. 26 in East Marion; a 29-year-old Coram man was picked up on the same road in Southold, on the same day. In East Hampton, the town PD reports four DWI arrests: a 43-year-old East Hampton man arrested on Old Montauk Hwy. in Montauk last Wednesday; a 43-year-old Katonah man picked up in the same area on Sunday; a 25-year-old East Hampton man stopped on Edgemere Rd. in Rip City on Sunday; and a 37-year-old East Hampton man pulled in on N. Main St. in E.H., also on Sunday.

In drug news, Leeanders B. Henderson, 23, of the Bronx, was arrested on South Street in Greenport last Wednesday and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the fifth. Southold police say he was in possession of a quantity of cocaine.

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