September 06, 2006

Shelter Stories


Nothing but good news this week, readers. My special good news is the golden retriever mix King, whom I was very attached to —you remember, the dog left tied to a vet's office door — has a home. So does Kerri-Bear, the black lab mix whose owners relocated. She even goes to work with her new owner. Lucky dog. So only two shelter dogs featured in this column now are waiting for homes: Sheba, who's being worked on with a top behaviorist that I got for her, and Summer, who's been losing weight without her former owner. Readers, I'm worried about her.

Now here's Dutch. He's a two-year-old, handsome, lovable terrier mix with no issues. Amazing he's so nice because his previous owner kept him tied up outside winter and summer and had no time for him. Dutch likes everyone: kids, dogs, even cats. He especially likes being leash walked because his old world was so limited. Dutch has a great sense of humor and loves to play. Frisbee's his game. Call R.S.V.P. about Dutch at 728-3524.

(The organization is now volunteering at the Riverhead Shelter. They need beds, blankets, treats and volunteers to help out there. Call R.S.V.P. for more information.) Thank you for being so responsive to the column, readers, and to these wonderful animals who had such bad starts. But it's the finish that counts.

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