August 30, 2006

Shelter Stories

Trevor (click for larger version)

Despite the weather, you're responding by calling and adopting our dogs. Thank you. Last week's dog, Baby, the Pit Bull, whom I expected to linger a long time because of the unfair stigma attached to her breed — because of cruel often brutal owners — has a new home in Connecticut.

Kerri-Bear, the black Lab mix has a new home in East Hampton. We're hoping the youngster of the family gets used to her. Young children need to be brought along slowly. I will keep you informed. King, the Golden mix left tied to a door, now has more volunteers asking about him and walking him. Same with Summer and Sheba. Our first column dog Snooper has completely settled into a lovely home after seeing his owner murdered. R.S.V.P thanks you, readers.

This week's dog is Trevor, a young, handsome black shepherd/collie mix. A stray abandoned in Riverhead, Trevor has white and tan markings, is neutered and weighs about 40 pounds. Living at the 60- acre horse farm donated by a column reader (thank you) brought him around, but he's still scared of men. The vet who examined Trevor said this will pass, and it is as he gets a chance to trust again. Caring people make the difference. The owner makes the dog, folks.

That's why R.S.V.P. believes in rehabilitation — euthanasia only as a last resort. Trevor sleeps in his own stall in a barn, likes horses now, gets along with the dogs on the property but enjoys his freedom most of all. (Some foster home.) If you want to meet Trevor, please call 728-3524. And don't forget my King, Summer and Sheba. They need homes badly. Time for their luck to change. All a shelter dog needs is patience and love. You'll never regret adopting one. I have four.

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