Gurney's Inn
August 30, 2006

Kids Reel

As if it weren't bad enough to worry about airplanes and runways and terrorists and crazy people and poor maintenance when traveling by airplane, movie people came up with the idea of having loads of vipers, poisonous snakes — did that study for third grade at John Marshall — stowed away on a plane that quickly come out of everywhere to bring the plane down to kill one passenger.

The idea when you hear about it does make you squirmy, but after that reaction, I found Snakes on a Plane not to be worth the price of admission. It is just a bad movie, bordering on the not-on-purpose funny except for that disgusting scene they had to put in where a snake attacks a passenger's privates.

That alone would give it the R rating it got. But it should be R for ridiculous for anyone to actually pay for this film. In fact, it is worth a few dollars not to see it. On the other hand, do come and support the Bonackers football games. I'm in high school now, playing JV. A team needs support. So go Bonac.

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