August 16, 2006

On The Beat

Drug Busts

William McFarland Jr., 25, was arrested August 8 on West Lake Drive in Montauk for criminal possession of a narcotic drug in the fourth degree, criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third with the intent to sell, and criminal use of drug paraphernalia. East Hampton Town Police have initiated an investigation in regards to the defendant trafficking narcotics in East Hampton.

Wayne B. Scott, 37, was arrested last Friday on South Embassy St. in Montauk for criminal possession of a controlled substance in the fourth and unlawful possession of marijuana. Police observed Scott sleeping on a bench with a pipe hanging out of his pocket. He was woken up and asked to empty his pockets; a bag of marijuana and powdered rock cocaine were allegedly found.

Southampton Town Police arrested Matthew Parisi, 28, of Highlands, New Jersey. Parisi was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third, fourth and seventh degree after cops say they found him with a veritable pharmacy of drugs, including Xanax, Oxycontin, Percocet and 2.5 grams of cocaine. He was stopped for having an open container of alcohol on Saturday in Hampton Bays.

Henry Bohorquez, 29, was also arrested Saturday, on Dune Rd. Hampton Bays, and charged with CPCS fifth. She was allegedly observed snorting cocaine. Three men were added to the criminal possession of controlled substance in the seventh rolls on Saturday, all on Dune Rd.

A 27-year-old Manhattan man was arrested after he was observed with a hypodermic needle and found to be in possession of Ecstasy, Oxycotin and Vicodin, and a 24-year-old New Rochelle man was arrested after two Ecstasy pills were found taped to his belt while he was being patted down by bouncers outside of Neptune's Beach Club. The third, a 26-year-old from Astoria, was arrested after cops saw him snorting Ketamine.

East Hampton Town Police arrested a 25-year-old East Hampton man on Saturday at Woods Lane and Georgica Rd. and charged him with CPCS seventh and DWI after he was stopped for speeding. East Hampton cops also reported four D.W.I. arrests in East Hampton, two in Montauk and one in Amagansett last week. Southampton cops rounded up five drinking drivers last week, all in Hampton Bays.

Sexual Abuse Charges

Mario Bushillo, 26, of Hampton Bays was arrested and charged with sexual abuse in the first degree on Sunday evening after a female victim reported that he had subjected her to non-consensual sexual contact near the Shinnecock Canal in Hampton Bays on Sunday.

A 41-year-old Holbrook man was charged with acting in a manner to injure a child under 17, harassment second, and criminal mischief after he choked a minor who he believed was trying to hit his niece with a surfboard while surfing at Atlantic Terrace Beach in Montauk on August 6. A 17-year-old East Hampton man was arrested on August 8 for criminal contempt in the first and harassment with physical contact in the second. Police say he violated a order of protection issued against him by his mother.

Stolen Stuff

No one felt like hitchhiking this week. A 1999 Ford pick-up was stolen from Fisherman's Quarters in Hampton Bays between August 8 and last Wednesday. East Hampton Town has reported a rash of bicycles being stolen. Five have turned up missing in the past week, including two mountain bikes, one racing bike, one BMX style bike, and a bike valued at $500 stolen in the village. Another mode of transport, a $500 surfboard was stolen from Essex St. in Montauk sometime between August 2 and 5.

A home on Whooping Hollow Rd. in East Hampton was broken into some time between July 22 and August 8. Unknown persons had kicked in the door and made off with $1860 worth of electronics. Electronics were also the focus of the sticky-fingered at a home on Sebonac Inlet Rd. in Southampton on August 7; close to $2000 worth of CDs, a stereo, and 10 bottles of scotch were stolen.

Two grand worth of siding was stolen from a home under construction on Flanders Blvd. in Flanders sometime between last Thursday and last Friday. A water tank, two air conditioners, two mowers, and a saw and drill press were stolen from a home on Reeves Bay Trail in Flanders on August 6.

Rounding Up The Usual Suspects

Lions and Tigers and Thieves, Oh My: On the cuddlier side of crime, three stuffed animals were stolen from a store at The Plaza in Montauk last Thursday. Three female juveniles admitted to the fuzzy crime and were released to their parents.

Full Throated Fighting: A fight broke out at a home on Three Mile Harbor Rd. in East Hampton Town after a man came home and found another gent singing to his wife on August 7. Off key and out of sorts, he pitched a fit and hit the guy. When cops arrived, no one wished to prolong the tune any further and no charges were filed.

Additional reporting by Mariah Quinn

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