Gurney's Inn
August 16, 2006

Enforcers Unplug Stereo

Responding to complaints from area residents, town code enforcers raided a much publicized party house in Amagansett on Saturday night. According to Dominic Schirrippa, head of the East Hampton Town Ordinance Enforcement Department, red flags began to go up even before Memorial Day, when snippets on the gossip pages of New York dailies predicted the spot as the summer's hot venue. The complaints of noise and traffic began by July 4.

At press time, town officials were still compiling the case, but Schirrippa said citations could include violations of the town's fire code — eight beds were found in the basement, 25 in total throughout the main house and an artist's studio — violations of the town's group rental law, and violations relating to running a business in a residential area.

The Manhattan-based nightclub, Stereo, reportedly leased the house from a local property owner. Schirrippa says Stereo would solicit sponsors to underwrite parties. "That's the commercial aspect," he explained.

Of an enforcement action targeting a highly publicized and popular party spot, Supervisor Bill McGintee said, "The rules are the rules. They apply to everybody." He professed continued aggressive enforcement of the town's housing codes.

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