August 16, 2006

Indy's New and Improved Website: It's a Hit!

Nothing beats reading the paper, sipping a cup of coffee and staining one's hands with a little ink. But in a burgeoning technological world, some prefer to get their news online. The Independent understands its readers' needs and is pleased to report the success of the newspaper's new, user-friendly website. Since its appearance on the web in February, the site has been visited by myriad computer-users across the globe, including people from the Netherlands and India, with over 98,929 visits and 950,261 page hits between May 3 and July 23!

In 1995, The Independent became the first East End paper to offer a virtual publication. Today, it is the first East End paper to modify the existing website with PicPaper technology. PicPaper allows an identical copy of the printed paper to be available online, complete with high quality color pictures, presented in a more interactive (not to mention environmentally sound) format. Additionally, archival information is more readily accessible. This is a vast improvement from the former website's design, which was less comprehensive.

According to Indy Publisher Jim Mackin, "The goal is to provide a digital version of our newspaper, free and accessible anywhere in the world. The homepage allows readers to view all stories in text form, print them, save them or respond to them."

"This is a huge step toward reader/publication interaction," another enthused employee added. Interaction is a cornerstone of the digital world and Indy's new website capitalizes on it. From an online gallery, proud parents can purchase pictures featured in the printed edition of their children playing sports. Advertisers can check ad rates, buy additional display ads and increase their exposure. Columnists can establish followings on the web as well as in print. Overall, the new site provides more flexibility with content, a greater editorial forum and a larger readership base. In fact, The Independent now boasts readers from 66 countries.

In the future, the website will enable the paper to hold contests, use webcams and set-up blogs. In the words of webmaster Rosemarie Ferrari, "There is an incredible leeway for growth here."

So boot up and log on to www.indyeastend.com for breaking local news. Let The Independent's exciting, new website keep you in the know.

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