August 16, 2006

Shelter Stories


Sheba is an 18 month, 40 lb. spayed female Shepherd mix. Sheba spent her early life as an outside dog in a fenced-in yard, living in her doghouse. When she was about a year old, she was surrendered to RSVP. Shortly afterwards, she was spayed.

During the procedure, it was discovered that Sheba was in the early stages of pregnancy and the puppies were aborted. After her surgery, Sheba was in a depression and began exhibiting destructive behavior by tearing the bedding in her kennel.

A volunteer offered to foster Sheba. She has been with her foster family since January. Initially, she was possessive of toys and food, but her behavior has improved. Sheba has also completed an 8-week training course with animal trainer Don Sterling.

When she is feeling energetic, she loves to play with her favorite toy in the yard. If you chase her and say "I'm gonna get that toy," she will ricochet around the yard, zooming past you — so look out!

After she wears herself out, she will settle down and play "fetch," and return the toy to you in exchange for a treat. Sheba is a loving and playful dog and enjoys the company of people.

She does not do well with other animals and would be better as an only pet. Sheba can get "mouthy" at times — usually when happy and stimulated, but responds well to corrections.

She is friendly but because of her high energy she would be better in a home with a fenced-in yard and children over the age of nine.

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