Gurney's Inn
August 09, 2006

15th Annual Sandcastle Contest Winners

Seventeen sandcastles were awarded prizes in this year's East Hampton Sandcastle Contest. The entrants were separated into five categories, and three winners were selected from each category, as well two overall winners.

The Sand Fleas were entrants up to the age of eight. First place was awarded to Jamie Westrgard for "Sleeping Kitty on a Magic Pillow," second place was awarded to Magda Schneiderman for her "Turtle Pond," and third Place was Casten Mata's "Bob the Cat."

Contestants ages 9-15 were part of the Sand Hoppers category. Philip Page, Steve and Lucus Ward, and Bryan Fiore grabbed first place for their "Mayan Temple." Danny and Sam Schneir, Ian Shaw, Sean Sekulski and Joe were awarded second place for their work entitled "C.R.A.P." "Sandcreme Cone" done by Aubrey Leader and Zeb and Loran Towers, won third place.

In the Sand Tribes category, which consisted of family entrees, "Sebastian the Crab" by Anna and Noah Ernie and Galina Guale won first place. John and Alexandra Ingrassia won second place for their "Sea Bathing Penguin." Albert Margaritas, along with Charlie and Carol, won third place for "Mummy's Tomb."

In the adult's category, "The Sand Shapers," "Rodeo" by Debbie Miller Gates won first place. Darrin Schafer, Andrew Davison and Ken Laks won second place for their "Jolly Roger," and Floyd Linton came in third for his "King Neptune Builds a Castle."

The professional artists were part of the "Sand Pros" Category. Jeff Muhs and Charles Waller won first place for "Saving Venus." Pamela McLaughlin along with John and Ellen Barnes came in second for "Pirates of the Hamptons." There was no entry awarded third place.

"Life is Tubular" by Scott Austin, Hayley, Ben, Jenny, Kristen and Lizzie were awarded the overall prize while "The Big One" completed by Jay Schneiderman, Daniel and Alina Bocancea and Jenny Keller was awarded honorable mention.

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