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August 09, 2006

Shelter Stories

Kerri Bear

I like to start with good news. Snooper, our first dog who witnessed his owner murdered, has settled in with a new owner and has dog friends to keep him company. He's part of a family now — even sleeps on a couch. The adoption "took."

Sadly, King, dog number 2 in this column — the four year old golden retriever mix who was left tied to a door of an animal hospital to be put to sleep — received only one inquiry. The people opted to adopt a puppy without seeing him.

I know it's hot, readers, but call R.S.V.P., the non-profit organization that's keeping King alive, and see him. Walk him. King is housebroken and trained. What more could you ask for? We have to keep him going until that special person comes along. Dogs can't live in cages long without becoming damaged emotionally. And King has had a terrible start — abandoned to die. Don't forget him.

Now, meet our dog of the week, four year old Kerri Bear, a black lab mix, who lives with a family who's moving. They're desperate because they can't take their beloved pet with them. They asked me to give out their phone number (631-281-5402) so they can tell you about Kerri Bear themselves. They want so much to find a good home for her. Kerri Bear is spayed and has all her shots. She has no issues. The family can't bear to think of her being carried away to a cage. Can you help?

Home dogs go downhill fast when their owners disappear. They keep waiting, expectantly, for the faces they love to appear. It's terrible to see. They don't understand why they're alone. Did they do something wrong? Abandonment causes depression and emotional withdrawal — the same as with people. Please call R.S.V.P. at 728-3524 for more information. Look at that face. How can you resist?

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