August 09, 2006

Indy Gossip & Whispers

All summer long we've been telling you who's here — the shakers and movers, the "A" list celebs (OK, the "B" list, too) but let's face it, all the gossip mongerers report the same crap, even if we do it with much more flair.

But who's NOT here? What Hamptons regulars have checked out? Well, the former unfunny comedian turned out-of-work actor Chevy Chase. Seems mumsy and dads dumped their Lily Pond Lane digs, leaving daddy's boy with no place to freeload. So Chase and his wife Jaynie (Oh, look how I spell my name) are spending the summer — in a place called Oblivion.

No sign of Sir Paul so far, though he usually prefers the end of summer for his three weeks here (hint to Paul: that would be like, now). Given the animosity between him and the ex, he's probably huddled with his attorneys trying to make sure that the modest Amagansett house remains in his name and not what's-her-name's.

Who is here: as we revealed two weeks ago, Hillary made the first of several sojourns in search of cash, this one at a private fundraiser at the Perry household in North Haven . . . the Duchess of York was reportedly on the same peninsula the same night, looking for some poundage she lost.

This week's designated poopy smeller was Rob Lowe, who "enjoyed" the polo match (no one really watches or cares) with a bevy of beauties but not our Kandy, who has been there and done that, the occasion recorded on video for posterity.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Mathew Broderick, forced out of East Hampton after The Indy revealed their address (as a breathless world waited) have settled in Montauk. He (is that gray hair on the top of the thinning head?) was seen driving a blue convertible Mini-Cooper in East Hampton.

Coming soon: Ex-NFL great Lynn Swann, for a private fundraiser on August 23 at the 1770 House in East Hampton. Swann, a Republican (oopsie) is making a determined run for the Governorship in Pennsylvania.

Just askin': is Rudy Giuliani a writer or an artist?

Sightings: Ralph Lauren at the Sag Harbor Presbyterian Church ice cream social eating, of all things, ice cream . . . Joanne and Tony Griffo and Annette Ferrari slumming in East Hampton . . . Ken Lay, back from the dead, taking in an afternoon flick.

Rumor and innuendo: With three lousy weeks left in the cruddy summer season, Kandy and Spades are looking to broaden our horizons, which means in newspaper-speak we are, like, looking for real jobs! We can say this in our column because our old fuddy duddy editor never reads this drivel. So if you run a glam mag and want two hot bodies that can write and put out give us a call!

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