August 09, 2006

Hamptons Daze

Best Week Ever

Veronica and Jameson have both agreed that not only is this the best summer ever, but this has been the best week ever. We were stylin' and profilin' all weekend. Friday night we went to the VH1 save the music party and hung out and had drinks with the clothing designers from Heatherette. Absolutely love their clothes and love them! They're so cute and so nice. No, we didn't find our trophy husbands hanging out with Heatherette, but we still had the time of our lives. We're all about saving the music.

Saturday was Super Saturday (we can just call it Christmas) where Veronica spent her entire life savings on way too many Marc Jacobs bags. Boy, did we do some damage at that yard sale! What can we say? We dined on pork and beans with kings and queens. Later on that night it was off to Russell Simmons' house for the Art for Life benefit. We had a few drinks and some ice cream. We viewed the silent auction where a similar bag to one that Veronica bought earlier in the day was being auctioned off for nearly 5 times the price. If you got it, spend it, it's for charity!

Sunday we decided to put all the classiness aside and get back to our roots. We started off the festivities with vodka slurpies at the beach before going to the Boardy Barn. Veronica, Jameson and friends Rosie and Geri got to cut the line. Not only did we cut the line, but we were the first people to enter the Boardy Barn. We got booed, we didn't care! We arrived at 3:20 and were in by 3:30. It was possibly the best thing that has ever happened to all of us. So at 3:30 when the place was empty we saw it in a whole new light. About an hour later when the place was starting to get crowded we were drunk and not caring about the beer that was being spilled all around us! After the Barn it was off to the Foggy Goggle. Somehow still standing, we actually carried on normal conversations with boys whose names we actually remember (this is a first for the Goggle).

Monday night we hit the Star Room. You can't beat four hours of open bar, we danced and had a grand ole' time. Tuesday night was the annual white trash party at the Talkhouse. Any excuse to dress white trash, and we're there. Ripped wife beaters and red bras is how we'd dress every day if we had the chance. Jameson starts talking to a guy she knew from high school. "Isn't he hot?" she asks Veronica. Veronica thinks that Jameson must have had a few too many drinks because the boy with the long mullet was not attractive at all. Turns out he was wearing a wig that looked so real Veronica couldn't tell the difference.

Over the next few days we mastered the art of day drinking. Three days of sun, three days of beach! On Wednesday during the horrible heat wave we did nothing but go in and out of the ocean for about four hours. After the beach it was off to happy hour at Tiderunners. We pull in and see the Coors Light silver bullet train in the parking lot. We take the tour and we get some free stuff. There is nothing we love more than free stuff. We know that it might just be every guy's dream to sleep with a Coors Light girl, but on this day for us the tables had turned. Coors Light boys kept buying us drink after drink. Maybe they weren't dressed as a silver bullet in skin-tight dresses (remind us we need to get those dresses for the white trash party next year) but they were very cute. Not only did we get a bunch of free stuff and all of our drinks paid for (which Veronica couldn't afford anyway after Super Saturday), we won tickets to see Train on Saturday. What a lucky day. Really, we can't say it enough how much we love our lives!

We ended the week at Top of the Wharf for beer pong and searching for new PTL's (potential true loves). We didn't find our loves but we did have a good time killing everyone in beer pong. We are unstoppable and we dare you to challenge us. We will not be defeated.

Really, if you would like to try to play us contact us at hamptonsdaze@yahoo.com or www.myspace.com/hamptondaze. We'll meet you at Top of the Wharf Thursday night.

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