August 02, 2006

Gone Fishin'

Fishing Is Fine and Tourneys Make Action Heat Up

Fishing has never been better than it is at this time of year. All of my fishing buddies have come home daily with smiling faces and my own adventures, as few and far between as they are, have still been quite memorable and the calendar of events in our local fishing world still remain high on any fisherman's list.

Out east, an August 5 through August 13 Ultimate Offshore Tournament will take place and it is sponsored by East End Bait and Tackle with a fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Hospital. This is one of the most enduring and deserving endeavors that one can commit to as St. Jude is the patron saint of hopeless cases and the work that this hospital does for children is beyond anyone's expectations. This out-east fundraiser will take place at Ultimate Offshore Tournament. Call 728-1744 for additional information.

Star Island at Montauk will be sponsoring a tourney involving mako and thresher sharks from August 10 through the 12th and the entry fee is $600 entry fee per vessel.

August 18 through August 27 features the Hamptons' Offshore Invitational. It's sponsored by the Shinnecock Marlin and Tuna Club and more information can be obtained by calling Capt. Scott Horowitz at 744-1200.

Montauk remains the #1 location for great fishing this past week. Aboard the Sea Otter, last Thursday produced incredible sea bass to 6 pounds while striper action saw some quality fish in excess of 40 pounds! If you check out the recent photos from the Noreast.com site, you will be amazed!

Last Friday, a night bass trip out of Montauk resulted in all anglers limiting out; with the pool fish being a striper that weighed in at more than 37 pounds. The angler who logged on to the site noted that a lot more quality fish have been coming over the rails with most in excess of 20 pounds. Yes, expect blues . . . some really big blues, to be in the mix as well.

Last week, when the new moon appeared, the Viking Starship took part in a striper trip that ended up with bass to 28 pounds. Biggies were the order of the day. While everyone exclaims high praise for the full moon, we should not neglect the new moon, which resulted in some amazing fish.

As I mentioned earlier, Montauk was the star of the week with the Viking Fleet reporting some fantastic fluking. Action was best seen so far by Capt. Liam as Mike Haleko took first place with a 6.5 pound flattie. Scup action was great but the size is still not up to par compared to the quantity. Some nice sea bass did come over the rails and when one catches that tasty fish, it's usually a very good day.

Out at Moriches, the Thursday evening trip on the Rosie resulted in 35 keepers to 7 pounds, with a ton of sea bass, scup and fluke in the mix on the ocean. Shinnecock saw the Saturday evening adventure of a surf angler fishing the outgoing tide result in five striped bass to 25 inches that were all released. A ton of blues came in at the same time; not surprising for this point in the season.

On the North Fork, Capt. Bill Russo took his Marine Fisheries class on their field work and had a great day with no wind and good visibility. Students learned about our island's topography and geography while having a wonderful adventure on the water. The results were scup to 3 pounds, blues to 6 pounds, sea bass to 4 pounds and a bunch of striped bass. These educated students are followers of the catch and release program, so their catches are swimming free as we speak. Jerry McGrath teaches this well-known class, so look him up on the worldwide web.

The fish are friendly and the weather is hazy, hot and humid, but it's summer on Long Island and there is a plethora of fish in our local waters. So why not grab your pole and tackle box along with some frosty beverages and as the great Satchell Paige used to say, "Pacify yourself with cool thoughts."

Good Fishin' to all of you!

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