July 26, 2006

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Tow Boat U.S. News and More About Hurricane Season

In a very recent press release from Boat U.S., a new owner has taken the helm of a much-valued institution on Long Island. According to the organization, Capt. Bob Jacoby is the new owner of both the Shinnecock and Moriches locations of Tow BoatU.S. You probably already are aware that this towing service is the nation's largest on-the-water towing service for recreational boaters. Prior to the sale, Carl and Gail Schwenker owned the business, and Carl will still be on hand as a hired towing captain.

The Shinnecock venue has a 25-foot Wahoo diesel that is stationed at that port while Moriches claims possession of a 21-foot Aquasport and a 25-foot Mako with twin outboard engines. If you are not familiar with the TowBoat service, you can easily identify them by vessels that have distinctive red hulls with white stripes on the bow. Each vessel is complete with a full array of towing and salvage equipment, including extra fuel, pumps, airbags and battery jump packs. All this equals your peace of mind in knowing that those coming to your assistance are trained to handle each and every breakdown. If you have run aground or just run out of fuel, the TowBoatU.S. team can quickly rally to your vessel.

The new owner is a lifetime boater and a member of New York's finest. As a devoted police officer in the Big Apple, Capt. Jacoby has had to deal with a lot of years of stressful pressures and important decisions, so he is truly prepared for the problems that boaters experience when things just don't go the way they've planned.

Capt. Jacoby noted that many on-the-water breakdowns have their roots in maintenance issues. He pointed out that boaters often are unaware of their exact location when trouble hits, so identifying a fixed location becomes imperative for the fastest response. His suggestion is that every boater be able to take a bearing using a chart or a compass. How many boaters have no nautical charts on board? Too many . . . but they are simple to purchase, peruse and store onboard.

BoatU.S. Towing operates much in the same way as your auto club. These on-the-water vessel clubs offer assistance plans that begin at approximately $37 per year while those without any type of plan can face costs that soar in excess of $600 per incident if you have no coverage. That sounds a lot like the health care maze we read about daily in our newspapers, doesn't it?

The recent press release from BoatU.S. urged those in need of information about the towing service to call the company directly at 631-281-1246. If using a VHF radio for help, tune to channel 16 or call the BoatU.S. dispatch toll-free number at 1-800-391-4869. If you're a boater, you should seriously consider this service before you find yourself in a needy situation that could also turn out to be quite expensive.

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