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July 26, 2006

East Hampton Lifeguards Excel

Showcasing their talents in a competition that consisted primarily of entrants from Jones Beach, East Hampton's junior lifeguards starred in the Jr. Lifeguard Competitions held at Jones Beach on July 17.

With 19 junior lifeguards from East Hampton competing, coached by nine lifeguards from East Hampton Town, there were several hundred involved in the day's activities that consisted of nine different events (separate age groups) held at various stages of the day.

Despite the stiff competition, East Hampton's junior lifeguards still managed to place in several events, braving the tremendous heat and sun that soared into the nineties to bring home awards.

Mikayla Mott took an impressive second place finish in the Distance Swim and shared a third place finish in the Torp Rescue with teammate Haley Ryan. Mott also grabbed a fourth place finish in the Run, Swim and Run event.

L.B Lowes won the Distance Run and took third in the Beach Flags event while Kyra Gary also scored a victory in the Distance Run. Tommy Powell had a strong showing in the Distance Run, finishing in second place in his event.

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