July 26, 2006

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New Grand Cru from Publick

The Southampton Publick House has released the new Grand Cru in a 750 ml cork-finished, champagne-style bottle. The series features uncommon styles of brew that have been cellared for five to 10 years, and the flavor continues to evolve over time. The South-ampton Grand Cru, winner of gold medal at the 2003 Real Ale Festival is a unique and deceptively strong brew of great depth and character. It is lightly spiced with sweet orange, Curacao orange, coriander seed, star anise and a specialty yeast that combine to give the brew interesting complexity. The Grand Cru is sold at beverage distributors and gourmet markets throughout the northeast; call the Publick House at 283-2800 for more information.

Melissa Cohn, Benefactor

Melissa Cohn, president and founder of the Manhattan Mortgage Company was recognized as one of the top 10 benefactors for the Children's Development Center of the Hamptons at the Orchid Ball, held at Sayre Park in Bridgehampton on Saturday. Cohn serves as the president of the board of CDCH. Cohn's Manhattan Mortgage Company now has 11 offices throughout the east coast; she has been recognized as one of the top 10 mortgage originators in the country for 10 consecutive years.

New Board Member at Hamptons State Bank

C. Justin McCarthy has joined the Board of Directors of Hamptons State Bank. McCarthy graduated from Boston College with a degree in Accounting, and is a retired senior executive of Petro, Inc. He also sits on the Board of Trustees for Mercy Medical Center. A former member of the U.S. Navy, McCarthy is married with two children, Justin and Kristin.

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