July 26, 2006

Hampton Daze

There's Something About That Goggle . . .

We have come to realize that every time we visit the Foggy Goggle, the next day we have very little recollection of the night before, along with massive hangovers.

Veronica, who never forgets anything when she drinks, finds this very disturbing. We have never been able to stay at the Goggle for more than two hours. We can usually keep going all night into the morning, but not on nights we go to the Goggle. The last few times we have gone we have lost things such as debit cards, money, licenses, keys, cameras, contact lenses, dignity, etc. This is why we believe that there is something in the liquor.

On Sunday night we decided to test this theory. All five of our housemates went to the Goggle sober since none of us made it to the Boardy Barn. We knew everyone that was still standing from the Barn would be at the Foggy Goggle. We arrive around 10 and Veronica decides that she will just drink beer all night while everyone else drinks normal liquor drinks as they would at any other bar.

So much more aware of what was going on Veronica finds the whole experience to be very strange. "So this is what this place actually looks like," she says. She appreciated how the DJ shouted that we were hottest girls there. He was right, we were! (Even if we were the only girls still standing.)

About an hour later, Veronica is still sober while all other girls are trashed. At any other bar we would all be fine until 4 a.m. But no, it's almost midnight and we have to leave. There's drunk dialing, fights over which girl is which Spice Girl in the house (no one wants to be Sporty AKA Ugly Spice!!), and a good half hour at McDonalds trying to decide what to order. It makes no sense at all. Normally we would just be getting started.

So we have proven our point, there is something about the drinks at the Foggy Goggle. Now we just need to find out what it is and buy it from the wholesaler and pre-game with it, we'd never have to buy another drink again. Please Foggy Goggle, share with us your secret!

On a more sober night than a Goggle night, Veronica, Jameson and two friends decide to head down the street to Margarita Island for dinner before the Publick House. This place is literally a hop, skip and stumbling drunk jump away from our house, which makes it convenient and cab fare-free. We walk down and take a seat outside right on the water. A very nice guy with an English/Irish accent who turns out to be our waiter immediately greets us. After a couple margaritas and some food, we start chatting with this guy. He is living out here for the summer and the rest of the year lives in Ireland. Turns out he lives right across the street in an apartment building and shares a room with seven of his Irish friends.

"That's so weird that you mention that because two Wednesdays ago Veronica and I split a cab with a bunch of Irish guys from the Publick House," Jameson says. "You ever go there?"

"Yeah, I was there two Wednesdays ago actually."

"Wait a second, you look familiar," Jameson says curiously. "Does your name happen to be Mike?"

"Yeah, that's my name," he replies with an astonished look. "How did you know that?" Jameson pulls out her phone and scans the phonebook till she comes to a name. "Mike Irish. 555-0298. Is that right?" she says laughing.

"Oh my god! That's my number. I thought you looked familiar. I gave you my number in the cab that night." We all laugh at how tipsy we must have been in the cab to not even recognize each other. This story proves that the East End of Long Island can be a small world! And at times that can be a bad thing, but luckily this night it was good. Jameson and Veronica invited Mike and his Irish friends to their next party.

Later that night at Publick House we celebrate our friend Frank's 23rd birthday and man we pulled out all the stops! Shots for everyone and we made sure the birthday boy never had an empty glass. After a few shots, Jameson thinks it's a good idea to let Frank do a body shot off of her while she lies on the nasty wet bar in a white skirt. Needless to say, that skirt is no longer white and will probably have to be bleached a few thousand times to get it back to normal again.

As Jameson went to lie down on the bar this snotty girl makes a face and sighs obnoxiously at her as she moves out of the way. Ok, we know body shots are not the classiest thing a girl can do at a bar, but come on. It's Frank's birthday and you only live once. So that snotty girl can take a seat. The funny part was that as soon as the body shots started, Veronica told Jameson that the snotty girl's boyfriend was taking pictures of it. Hahaha . . . sucks for her.

Speaking of pictures, the body shot must have been the most eventful thing to happen that evening because there were so many flashes Jameson thought she was on stage at a rock concert. "Thank you ladies and gentlemen, I'm here every night, my next show's at 1:30." Glad she could amuse half the bar (not including snotty girl) with that little birthday gesture.

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