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July 19, 2006

On The Beat

Purloined Persona

An East Hampton man contacted police after receiving a phone call from a Dell Financial Services representative informing him of a $5000 shipment delivered in his name to an address in the Bronx. Further investigation revealed that someone had used the unwitting victim's name, date of birth and social security number to open an account with Dell.

Another computer-related swindle involved eBay and an unlucky Sag Harbor man looking to buy a boat. He sent $9000 via Moneygram towards the purchase of a Grady White boat; said boat, being sold by a woman out of Wellington, Florida never materialized.

File it in the Department of Brotherly Love. A Sag Harbor gentleman reported his brother to Montauk cops, claiming his kin pilfered numerous items from his Sag Harbor residence. The missing goods included two Fugi mountain bikes, a combo tool pack and a propane BBQ grill, rounding out to a total of $1,969. The brother, who recently sojourned at the house, said the things were in storage and would be returned immediately. So much for fraternal devotion.

In an act of retribution, or so it seems, a recently fired employee was accused of lifting $1,780 in tools and equipment from his former boss's business vehicle. The suspect promised to return the equipment within 24 hours. Looks like he won't be taking his holiday bonus early. More than five grand worth of marble tiles and other material was stolen from a house under construction on Masefield Close in Sag Harbor sometime between July 11 and last Tuesday.

Over in Hampton Bays, a 1984 pick-up truck was stolen from a Montauk Hwy. locale; the keys had been left in it. Five hundred dollars in coins, a $1500 pair of diamond earrings and several birth certificates were stolen from a home on Vail Ave. in Riverhead. A $500 digital camera, a $500 marine camera holding pack and a shot gun and a rifle, valued at $500 and $300, respectively, were stolen from a home on Quarter Rd. in Westhampton.

Fighting Folks

A 30-year-old Riverhead rager was booked on assault third and criminal mischief charges on July 10 after he beat up a mechanic in East Quogue and then proceeded to smash the windows of the victim's pick-up truck. The arrestee claimed the mechanic owed him money.

On July 9, East Hampton cops responded to a domestic dispute on Bathgate Road, where a woman received a concussion, lacerations on the back and blows to the neck, head and face, at the hand of her boyfriend. The suspect was arrested for assault and the victim was transported to Southampton Hospital for treatment. Last Thursday, police addressed more trouble on the home front, when a man surrendered himself to the authorities for endangering a minor. The victim was punched in the right eye, but refused medical attention.

Crack Down On Cocktailing Motorists

But before we get drinking, it's over to the world of criminal possession of a controlled substance. Vanessa Collins, 18, of Riverhead was booked on CPCS third and seventh charges after cops allegedly spotted her dumping bags of cocaine at the scene of a fight on Wildwood Trail in Northampton on Sunday.

This week, East Hampton police were busy making several drunk driving arrests. One woman, headed northbound on Three Mile Harbor Road, was pulled over and arrested after she was observed crossing over both the yellow and white pavement markings. Cops said they detected alcohol on her breath. At police headquarters, she submitted to a sobriety test and was held for arraignment.

In the following days, three men were brought in on separate occasions for driving while intoxicated. Two of the arrests occurred on Route 27. The other was made on the corner of Old Montauk Highway and Montauk Highway.

Southampton coppers picked up three DWIs. A 22-year-old Garden City man decided to take an intoxicated nap on top of the Ponquogue Bridge in Hampton Bays on Sunday, with his vehicle running and in gear. Also on Sunday, a 49-year-old Flanders man was picked up on Evergreen Dr. in Flanders; last Friday, cops arrested a 22-year-old sloshed swerver on Flanders Rd. in Riverside.

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