July 19, 2006

Gone Fishin'

It's Too Hot, But The Fish Don't Care

Anglers who are dealing with this sudden, intense heat wave are trying hard to ignore it and focus on the fact that our local waters are still cool enough for all the fish in our area. In general, the Shinnecock area rated our # 1 trumpet of the month based on how active the location was for fish and how numerous the number of recorded logs onto websites that blogged reports of great fishing.

Fluke were very consistent this past week, with ones over the 10-pound mark not revealing any surprises. The striped bass catch continued to be impressive with keepers in all the expected locations. The big surprise of the past week was in shark catches and sightings. Mako sharks were an offshore treat while the common weakfish and porgies accentuated the development of movement in our local waters.

The North Fork was not without its treasures, especially if you were looking for fluke. Hopefully, you have heard of the "Flukemania Smackdown" weekend, with a first prize of $10,000. Wow! We are not talking peanuts in this category. You must be in it to win it, so log onto noreast.com for full details.

The Viking Fleet out of Montauk updated the fluke derby leader board as Matthew Walenta reeled an 11.6-pound doormat fluke with second place going to Emidio Pindho of Cranford, New Jersey.

Posted reports out of Montauk revealed that the charter of Capt. Steve reported that night striped bass fishing became phenomenal with 65 keepers this past weekend, all over 25 pounds. These are really big fish.

This past week was an inspirational one, with a ton of amazing fish recorded as caught.

Out at Montauk, the Seahag II fished Block Island for fluke that had to be drummed away by those ever-present dogfish. Shinnecock was actually the star of the week, with more blogs and logged-in reports than any other website on Long Island.

Captain Dennis out of Shinne-cock took first place in the Molinar's Landings KISS tournament. If you fished aboard the Fishfinder, New Jersey state trooper Chris Ronk worked the water east of Shinnecock Inlet this past weekend and hooked up with the biggest bluefish so far of the season.

Along the North Fork, a private boater fished this past weekend near buoy # 17 in Peconic Bay on an outgoing tide for fluke. The fluke cooperated and the porgies were bigger than any I had ever seen in all my angling days! This is almost impossible to imagine as the scup are not only larger in years past but feistier than I can remember.

Capt. Sloan, owner and operator of The Black Rock (www.orientpointfishing.com), one of the finest private charter boats on Long Island, reported to me that he sent one happy customer home with a 60-pound striped bass last week! This man just continues to find the big fish.

Out at Plum Gut, the Eaton Lobster, according to Noreast.com, logged in a charter that fished Pigeon's Rip on the flood tide and resulted in non-stop action with bluefish in the six to eight pound range. This is what we look forward to at this time in the season.

My parents left their marina early Sunday morning, just prior to dawn to head for Davis Park on Fire Island. They told me that they were entranced by the schools of baitfish they observed in the water along with the huge bluefish they saw jumping above the water's level, excited not only by the huge amount of bait in the water but by the migratory schools they were following.

It almost does not matter where or how you fish along our island at this point in time. You will yield good results.

Good Fishin' to all of you!

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