July 19, 2006

Shelter News: Snooper

Snooper, a senior dog, mostly (black) lab, has had more than his share of bad luck. Rescued by his owner eight years ago when he was a puppy, Snooper had "a dog's life" until several weeks ago. You may have read about his case. Bad luck struck again.

Snooper's owner was murdered in Huntington. He witnessed the one he loved most in the world taken from him. Good Samaritans got together and brought him to R.S.V.P., a non-profit shelter run by Linda and Frank Mosca. The problem is everyone wants a puppy. You need a special kind of person with a lot of love to help a senior dog who is enduring bewilderment, confusion and loneliness because of the sudden sad turn of events. Snooper sits in a cage crying for his lost master, not understanding why he is alone. But life could start over for him again.

Snooper is an adoptable dog: walks well on a leash, has a wonderful temperament, likes children and would make an ideal companion for a senior. Help us find a special home where Snooper can live out his life in happiness and peace. Please call 728-3524.

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