July 05, 2006

School Days

Child Development Center of the Hamptons

Although school is out for the summer, the Child Development Center of the Hamptons is still hard at work. Proceeding under the umbrella of SUS, CDCH strives to ensure that the 2006-2007 academic year will be the school's best yet.

Richard Malone will take leave from the Board of Trustees to focus on the daily operations of CDCH as the school's new assistant executive director. Many agree Malone is the right man for the job with his years of diverse experience in education administration. Recently, Malone served as the acting head of the Morris Center/Hampton Day School. In previous years, he held positions such as headmaster of the Center for Gifted Youth at Long Island University, adjunct professor at Southampton College, and superintendent of Southampton Public Schools. Eugenia AuKim, CDCH's Board President remarked, "The students, teachers, and administrators will be the beneficiaries of his expert leadership."

Additionally, Dr. Arnaldo Ramos has been hired as the charter school's psychologist. He will provide assistance and guidance to CDCH's pre-school and early intervention programs. Ramos is bilingual and will be particularly helpful in reaching children who come from families where English is not the dominant language.

The Board of Trustees believe these changes are promising and are pleased to announce that the pre-school program will now operate on the charter school's regular campus. With the successful graduation of CDCH's inaugural eighth grade class behind them, the school's future looks bright.

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