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July 05, 2006

On The Beat

Rambling Soliloquies

We usually like to save the DWIs and other driving-related crimes for the end of On The Beat, a chaser to a column of crime. But this week, the Southampton Cops were so darn poetic, they deserve the lead. The scene: A 49 year-old Hampton Bays man was stopped on County Road 39 in Southampton last Thursday after being involved in an accident. The man "had difficulty executing simple, basic commands and included rambling soliloquies with each command," cops write. No word whether his soliloquies were Shakespearean, but our guess is the guy was wondering whether it was fair that he had to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that left him charged with driving while impaired by drugs.

Southampton police reported six other DWIs and one other driving while impaired by drugs. East Hampton coppers rounded up seven DWIs.

In the drugs department, criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh was the most popular offense of the week, and Dune Road in Hampton Bays was the place to be . . . arrested. Leonard Nelson, 20, of Farmingdale was arrested on Saturday and charged with CPCS 4 at a club on Dune Road after he was found with pot and a quantity of cocaine. A 25 year-old Farmingdale man was arrested at a rest stop on Sunrise Highway in Hampton Bays and charged with CPCS 5 after he was pulled over for a traffic violation and found to be in possession of ganja and Bolivian marching powder. Southampton Cops picked up six people for CPCS 7 over the weekend at 90 Dune Rd, and one CPCS 7 on Wakeman Rd. in Hampton Bays.

Burglar Arrested

John D. Lewis of Delta Junction, Arkansas was arrested in East Hampton on Saturday and charged with burglary two after police nabbed him after he allegedly burgled a house on Duryea Ave. He was seen fleeing the house and cops found him hiding in a nearby set of bushes when they arrived at the scene. No word on what was stuck to his sticky fingers.

Peppered With Assaults

William Schaw of Riverside was arrested and charged with assault one at his home on Lake Ave. on June 27 after he allegedly hit his wife in the face with a plate, causing a severe laceration.

A 21 year-old Hampton Bays man was arrested at his School St. abode and charged with assault three after he slapped and punched his girlfriend. A 21 year-old Allentown, Pennsylvania man was pulled in for assault three in Hampton Bays on Sunday after he hit another man in the shoulder, causing significant pain and swelling. A 48 year-old Westhampton man was arrested and charged with menacing second after he threatened his wife with a knife on Monday.

Nickel And Dimed

Well, nickel and quartered to be exact — $300 worth of quarters and $100 worth of nickels were stolen from a Kennedy Lane home in Hampton Bays on June 23. A case of 24 knives valued at $1200 was stolen from a car parked on Maple Avenue in Flanders on Saturday. More than $3000 worth of patio furniture was stolen from Mecox Rd. residence sometime between Thursday and Friday. A black leather purse containing two pairs of earrings valued at $1000 was stolen from a car in E.H. village as the owners watched the fireworks on Saturday.

Rounding Up The Usual Suspects...

ē The Southampton Town Police Department's Street Crime Unit arrested three bartenders and a gas station clerk for prohibited sale of alcohol to a minor after they sold beer to an undercover minor last Friday evening. The bartenders were arrested at CPI in Hampton Bays on Friday, the gas station attendant at USA Gas Station in Flanders.

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