July 05, 2006

Gone Fishin'

Posted reports from the Noreast.com website indicate that this past week was a boomer one for fish aboard the Brooklyn Girl out of Orient with more than 14 keepers, including a few 20 pound blues in the mix. Check out the web for some terrific photos!

Last Friday also was a good day for Capt. Dave aboard the Celtic Horizon and his mate as the boat logged in five anglers who took home up to 10 pounds in blues hooked on bucktails at sunset. That night's bass bite included a 28-pounder, which proved to all that the night was great on the water.

Out of Southold on Friday was the charter boat Flood Zone tripping at a Fishing Federation auction. Capt. Flood noted a great day of fishing, having filled the live well with porgies off Gardiner's. Later, they moved to the Elbow and hooked a few 28-pound striped bass as well as some interesting rays in the catch. (Those rays were logged in at 18 pounds.)

Last Thursday, The Brooklyn Girl bottom fished all day for scup and found a few that measured an amazing 15 inches. The boat then sought fluke and the result was a biggie that weighed in at more than six pounds with some dynamic blues in the mix.

On the Long Island Sound, the Celtic Quest, captained by Capt. Desi grabbed some awesome fluke on the last two trips of the afternoon. The day trip produced a ton of boat traffic, but also included 25 keepers. That same afternoon, Capt. Pete put the action on the fish and the result was 23 fares with 65 keepers to more than six pounds. This all took place just outside the harbor, at a secret location. Not a secret was that spearing on bait rigs worked to get the job done

That Thursday, the Celtic Quest fluked out its limits on light tackle and bucktails by late morning. They encountered jumbo scup and everyone on board limited out.

Out at Montauk, the Noreast site reported that the Lazy Bones hooked up with dozens of fluke on the afternoon run with blackfish in the catch as well. On Saturday, tons of scup filled the live wells as action in the rips resulted in a 37-inch bass near the slack tide.

Last Friday, a Montauk trip on the Viking produced a ton of fluke with keepers to more than eight pounds. White bucktails and squid did the trick on every drop.

Shinnecock was not without results as a boater near the Ponquogue Bridge kept his eye on the birds and scared up a ton of schoolie bass. A surf angler watched it all and went home with numerous bluefish, which fought the reel along with the slack tide.

So anglers, summer is upon us and fish are just about everywhere you would wish them to be. Good Fishin' to all of you!

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