July 05, 2006

Exec On The East End

County Executive Steve Levy made a rare appearance east of the Shinnecock Canal last Thursday, announcing an acquisition in Sag Harbor, nibbling pizza in Wainscott, checking out renovations at Third House in Montauk and attending a private reception at the home of former Town Democratic Committee co-chair Bob Schaeffer in Wainscott.

Over popcorn and cookies, Schaeffer's guests, an eclectic bi-partisan mix of civic leaders and representatives from disparate segments of the community, discussed a panoply of topics of local interest. The CE was "engaged and open" Schaeffer reported, clearly pleased with the outing. Guests commented on Levy's down to earth and easy manner. "We should do something like this more often," Schaeffer enthused last Friday.

In Montauk, the CE met still more local activists at a press conference celebrating the long awaited beginning of work at Third House. Nestled in the heart of the Theodore Roosevelt County Park, the historic Third House was built in 1806 to house the keeper of cattle that grazed in nearby pastures.

According to Schneiderman, community members began to lobby for the restoration of the ranch house more than a decade ago. Last Thursday Parks Commissioner Ron Foley affirmed the long-aborning nature of the project. Community members and county officials have worked toward a groundbreaking for years, but it took Schneiderman and Levy to make it happen, he said. The county will spend well over $1 million to return Third House to its 1939 era as a guesthouse.

Levy's South Fork junket began at the LINGO land in the Sagpond greenbelt on Thursday morning. Located deep in the woods just over the Sag Harbor Village Line off Town Line Road, the property comprises 42 acres of woodland. Announcing that the county had closed on the purchase of the property, Levy said the name of the company that made the deal, LINGO, stands for the "Long Island Nice Guys Organization."

Treading forest trails is hungry work for an upIslander. Levy stopped at La Campanina for a slice before motoring out to the Lighthouse District.

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