July 05, 2006

Our New Look

Beginning next week The Independent — Traveler Watchman will have a new look . . . and an old one. We will be returning to the cover design of The Independent, the same cover as our South Fork edition. The Traveler Watchman first page and our North Fork news will appear inside.

"When we took over the Traveler Watchman we knew that we faced competition from within — that being the 'old' Independent, which had gained a strong foothold on the North Fork," said Rick Murphy, the Editor-In-Chief. "Our readers and advertisers have made it clear which they prefer. It turns out The Independent has a stronger brand name."

Murphy said the paper will still carry North Fork news but would gravitate toward more county and statewide news that affects the entire East End.

The Independent will continue to be free of charge and is available at 575 North and South Fork locations. Paid Traveler Watchman subscribers will automatically receive The Independent in the mail or can call 324-2500 for a pro-rated refund.

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    Classified Ads
    July 15, 2014 | 10:38 AM

    I can clearly see where to submit a classified ad. I cannot, however, find where to peruse the classified ads. I have clicked on all the areas I could find. Could you help?

    Elise N. Cooper
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