July 05, 2006

Kids Reel

My grandmother said The Omen (the original) was the scariest movie she ever saw and that she hid behind Mrs. Verderosa for most of the film. I had seen it, and also saw the remake, in theatres now, starring Julia Stiles in the Lee Remick role as Damien's mother, Liev Schrieber in Gregory Peck's role as the father, and Mia Farrow as the nursemaid from hell.

The film was good, but not as good as the original. It is about the arrival of the anti-Christ to finish us off, as predicted in Revelations about the number 666. Well, at least we survived that date, but there's been a lot of peculiar weather lately hasn't there? We give it three tennis balls. The Omen is worth seeing if you like smart, suspenseful horror movies.

Since Grandma does not like suspenseful horror movies no matter how smart, and Grandpa prefers watching the Mets, there are no recommendations this week.

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