June 28, 2006

Ship's Ahoy: Marina's Unexpected Guests

Greenport Village Trustee Ben Burns reported that Mitchell Marina would be graced with unexpected guests last weekend: six United States naval yard patrol vessels.

Although the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis has scheduled a visit to the village for Fleet Week in July, they decided to head into port last week due to storms in Florida that warranted a change in the itinerary. "It was a last-minute visit," said Burns. "But it was an unplanned visit made possible by the facilities that Greenport has to offer."

Environmentally Sound Practices, Please

The board voted to accept a motion submitted by Timothy Coffey Landscape for lawn care at Mitchell Park, but only after Trustee Jamie Mills questioned the motion to ensure that Coffey would be using environmentally-friendly chemicals.

At the previous week's work session, the board discussed lawn care for Mitchell Park, and Greenport resident David Corwin spoke out about recent decisions by Suffolk County and Southold Town Trustees to refrain from using chemicals near town and county waters. Pesticides, he said, have been known to cause breast cancer and other diseases.

This week, Mills questioned Village Administrator David Abatelli, who said he had addressed the issue with Coffey, who has promised to use environmentally-friendly materials and use less near the water.

Mills, who reported that he had spoken with Peconic Baykeeper Kevin McAllister, said he had been prepared to vote no to the resolution, based on Corwin's comments the week before, but would vote yes, based on Abatelli's assurances that Coffey had the environmental issues of the village in mind.

Health Care For Village Officials

Greenport Mayor David Kapell and the Board of Trustees, in accordance with a resolution adopted in 1995, will be offered health insurance and hospitalization coverage. Should a trustee or the mayor refuse the coverage because they have their own health insurance, the village will pay out the amount of the cost of that coverage.

Corwin had a problem with that notion: "I certainly don't say no to health care. Everyone in this country deserves it. But if you choose not to take it, I don't see why you should be getting a check."

Kapell explained that the decision was made because by not paying the amount, the problem of a double standard would be created, with one trustee getting paid more than another.

Bike Parking

The board held a public hearing on both a four-way stop sign at First and South Streets and conversion of two automobile parking spaces to motorcycle parking only in Texaco Alley, after which both motions were voted upon and approved.

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