June 28, 2006

Kids Reel

Well, Pixar has done it again, the animation for the studios new release Cars outshines other filmmakers in this category. The creation of a world of cars, trucks — everything on four wheels — is really good. The movie is about one of those cars, a racecar that, on the way to a big competition, learns the true meaning of friendship. The actors doing the voiceovers are swell, too. We recommend this film Cars, but to our younger readers, who we think will enjoy the trip most. So see Cars or take the kids. We give it three tennis balls.

(By the way, it was especially fun for me. The graduating class of the East Hampton Middle School went to see the movie as a group early Tuesday morning. So, next year, when we write, we will be Freshmen at East Hampton High, where my dad, my uncle, my aunt and my cousins went and/or are going — that would be Rebecca, too.)

Granny and Grandpa animated film pics: (I don't think they had too many back then because they always pick the same ones!)

1. Gulliver's Travels

2. Fantasia

3. Snow White, Dumbo and Bambi

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