June 28, 2006

She's Gonna Make It

In recognition of Bridgehampton High School student Karess Taylor Hughes's exceptional work as a playwright and actor in this season's Young Playwright's program, the Bay Street Theatre is proud to honor her with the 2006 William Pharaoh Award for creative excellence. The award will provide Hughes with a certificate of achievement, a $250 scholarship check presented on graduation day, and a listing on the William Pharaoh plaque in the lobby of the Baystreet Theater. Ms. Taylor-Hughes's play, Gonna Make It, tells the story of a star athlete, who decides to join the military in order to defend her country during a time of war. The playwright undertook the role of aspiring soldier, who looses her life in battle. The dramatic conflict arises when the patriot's best friend tries to dissuade her from enlisting. The play was selected for performance at Baystreet because of its outstanding courage and strength of writing.

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