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June 28, 2006

Hampton Daze

The Week — Spirits

And Screeches

Jameson's Story:

Do you ever wonder what happened to spirits of relationships past?

Jameson didn't quite know all of her spirits' whereabouts now, but she did have an unusual encounter with past, present, and maybe future ones all in the same night.†Talk about Scrooge and his three ghosts.†Did she really deserve to see them all at once? Was this some sort of joke the universe decided to spring on her?†The universe was bored and for some reason Jameson had to pay for it. Or maybe, like in the Christmas Carol, these ghosts were sent to teach her lessons she could not see yet.

It all started when Jameson got a call from a friend of hers whose band was playing a show in a nearby bar the next night. Jameson never passes up a chance to see a live concert especially when it's her friend's band playing. She quickly agreed to meet the band there the following night and got Veronica to go along with her.

After getting to the bar, and taking a few sips of her drink, Jameson looks down at the other end of the bar and is suddenly eye-to-eye with spirit #1.†"This can not be happening!" Jameson exclaims to Veronica.†Past Spirit #1 was Jameson's first and only love of her life, Chris.†They were best friends for years and then dated for two and a half years. Over the past six months they had lost contact and now Jameson was about to find out the reason why. "This is my girlfriend Brooke," Chris says as they all politely shake hands and do the small talk.†Talk about a dagger in the heart.

After a couple of drinks, she thinks her night is becoming normal again when she sees Present spirit #2 chatting with one of the band members.†I say present because up until this moment Jameson thinks it is a present fling. She is about to go up and say hi when a girl walks up, grabs his side, and kisses him right on the lips. Jameson turns right around and races to the bar.†"So much for that," she says to Veronica.

Ready to call it a night, Jameson hears a familiar voice say hello from behind her. She turns around and is immediately hugged by none other than Brian, a major crush she had in tenth grade. They end up hanging out the rest of the night, catching up and completely cracking up.†As the bar closes, and the night comes to an end, Brian asks for her number.†The next day her cell rings and the name Brian lights up on the screen. "Ha ha! I guess the universe doesn't get the last laugh," Jameson screeches! Speaking of screeches . . .

Veronica's Story:

Everyone has read the chain emails: "You know you grew up in the late 80s, early 90s if you . . . remember the craze, and then the banning of slap bracelets . . . have ever ended a sentence with the word PSYCH! . . . had your own midnight society in your backyard . . . wore like, eight pairs of socks over tights with high top Reeboks . . . got seriously injured on a slip and slide . . . knew all the characters names and their life stories on "Saved By The Bell," the ORIGINAL class."

Veronica still knows the names and life stories of all the characters on "Saved By The Bell." How else would she know that true love really exists if it weren't for Zack and Kelly? She understood the meaning of real friendship when they sang "Friends Forever"! So when she hears that Screech (Dustin Diamond) will be at the Foggy Goggle Friday night she decides that there is nothing on earth that can prevent and Jameson and her from being there. One of her major goals in life (along with owning the Big Duck and kissing Ryan Gosling) is to meet every cast member from "Saved By The Bell." Time to check one off the list.

They arrive at The Goggle early and Veronica sees Screech immediately. She goes right over to him and strikes up a conversation. She asks if she can get him a beer, he says yes. They have some small talk. Screech says that Zack was in town last week; guess Veronica was "at the corner just in time to see the bus fly by."

Veronica starts to tell him about a charity event she is trying to plan later this summer. She asks him if he would be interested in making an appearance. Screech loves the idea and they exchange phone numbers (EXCHANGE PHONE NUMBERS!!!). This means that Veronica actually has a member of Bayside High School's number in her phone. Veronica's new favorite hobby is collecting celebrities' phone numbers, and Screech just brought her collection up to two (Screech and Kanye West). Hopefully the collection keeps growing this summer.

Veronica was going to over-exaggerate this story by saying that she made out with Screech, but then she found out he was married. If she printed that some national tabloid might get a hold of that information. Veronica was not going to be responsible for ruining Screech's marriage. After all, he was on the show that taught her what true love really is.

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