June 21, 2006

Beer Bottles Out Of Hand

Councilman George Bartunek has asked for the Riverhead Town Board's support in increasing police presence in downtown Riverhead on Saturday nights. According to the councilman, downtown business owners have been finding the Peconic Riverfront parking lot littered with broken beer bottles.

"Every Sunday they have to go out there and clean up the glass," said Bartunek.

The board agreed to the police plan and will send a letter to downtown drinking establishments that sell beer bottles reminding that they should not allow their patrons to leave with bottles in hand.

Trash Talk

The town board once again had a lengthy discussion about the trash problem in downtown Riverhead.

As previously reported, the dumpsters, which are situated on district parking property, are constantly overflowing with garbage. Much of the trash is illegally dumped.

To solve the problem, Councilman Bartunek and the town's parking district committee are proposing to institute a pilot program on the south side of Main Street, which would create a 20x20 dumpster enclosure at the cost of $10,000. A carter would then be hired, at the expense of downtown businesses.

Riverhead Supervisor Phil Cardinale, however, is against the proposal. He does not believe that the town should provide private businesses with public parking property. He further urged his fellow town board members to send a letter to any downtown business with a dumpster on public property asking them to remove the dumpster by the end of the month.

To Buy Or Not To Buy

Supervisor Phil Cardinale has asked the town board to carefully consider several farmland preservation purchases that are on the table. The reason: The county has offered to match any open space purchase the town makes. If the town spends money on the farmland purchase, said Cardinale, it will diminish the amount available for the county to match for additional purchases.

According to Cardinale, of the town's Community Preservation Funds, which are garnered through a two-percent tax on new home sales, the town has approximately $17 million remaining. It has plans to use $5 million of that on the farmland development rights purchases being considered at this week's town board meeting.

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