June 21, 2006

School Days

Stella Maris School

Congratulations to the eighth grade graduating class of 2006! Valedictorian Erik Edwards gave a heartwarming speech to his fellow classmates. The following scholarships were awarded: The Mary Menaik Memorial Scholarship for academic excellence was awarded to Erik Edwards; The Henry Blodorn Christian Service Award went to Sarah Olivarez and Aura Skerys; The Academic Excellence Award honoring Mr. and Mrs. John Harrington was awarded to Lisa Rasmussen; The Language Arts Achievement Award donated by Dolores Zebrowski in memory of Anna Mulvihill for the love of reading and writing was awarded to Sarah Olivarez; The Hector Samot Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Erik Edwards and Lisa Rasmussen; The Women in Science Award went to Lisa Rasmussen.

Over half of the graduating class earned the Junior National Honor Society. After the last Mass of the school year, all students gathered in the playground for a rededication ceremony of the play yard. A summer 50/50 raffle is being held to raise money for a new gym floor for the school. Tickets are available at the school or by calling 725-2525. Summer Camp at Stella Maris begins June 26. Limited space is still available. Children ages 3 through 10 may enroll.

Tuckahoe School

After many late nights and a lot of hard work, the Tuckahoe Drama Club presented its production of Bye-Bye Birdie on June 8 and 9. All performances were well received by students and parents alike. The cast and crew can commend themselves for a job VERY WELL DONE! BRAVO! Everyone is looking forward to next year's performance! On June 6, four Tuckahoe music students traveled to Longwood High School to perform piano solos at the NYSSMA competition. Players included Sarah Warren, Andrew Batcheller, Jake Sosne and Samantha Grimaldi. Earlier in the year, 30 other students performed NYSSMA solos at Westhampton Beach Middle School. All students received grades of either "Outstanding" or "Excellent" and will receive medals at this year's awards ceremony. Thank you for your continued support. Please visit our website at www.tuckahoe.k12.ny.us for further information.

Southampton High School

For the first time at the Southampton High School graduation on June 25, graduates will participate in an environmentally themed graduation ceremony, from the Native American legacy "Honor the Earth." Originally from the Algonquin tribe and embraced by members of the Shinnecock Nation, the ceremony will further focus on "The Earth is not something we inherit from our elders, it is something we borrow from our children." Model and environmental activist Christie Brinkley will give the graduation address and will speak on global warming. Ms. Brinkley will also present each graduate with a signed copy of former Vice-President's new book entitled, An Inconvenient Truth. The Class of 2006 will also sign a Green Pledge to "explore and take into account the social and environmental consequences of any activity or occupation and to try to improve these aspects of any organization involved in." Local youth leader Richie King will speak on community service. The graduation ceremony will be held in the high school auditorium at 2 p.m.

Southampton Intermediate School

The eighth grade moving up will be held today in the high school auditorium. Field Day for all grades will also be held today.

Southampton Elementary School

Fourth grade students visited Deep Hollow Ranch, the oldest ranch in the United States. During their visit, the students watched a cattle round up, a quarter horse demonstration and played tug of war. They also hiked around the ranch, ate a picnic lunch and watched historical re-enactments involving famous Americans, including Teddy Roosevelt.

Kindergarten Field Day was held last Wednesday and Thursday for students in grades one through four. Students rotated through Face Painting and Newcomb, Scoop Water Relay, Egg and Spoon Race, Tug-O-War, and more. There was plenty of food and fun on hand for this annual Southampton Elementary School tradition. Principal Rein Griesmer and Vice Principal Bertha Richard manned a Mister Softee truck and gave out cones with sprinkles to all the students.

The fourth grade moving up ceremony was held last Friday at the elementary school. Principal Dr. Rein Griesmer reminded the students to be the best that they could be and hold on to the friendships they formed at the elementary school while reaching out to new friends in the intermediate school. Music teacher Joanne Morse led the students in a rousing rendition of "Life is an Adventure" that summed up the mood as students prepared for their transition to the intermediate school.

Riverhead School

The Presidential Physical Fitness Program Award recognizes youth who achieve an outstanding level of physical fitness. Recipients must score at or above the 85th percentile on all five events (Curl-ups, Shuttle Run, Endurance Run/Walk, Pull-ups or Right Angle Push-ups, Sit and Reach). The National Award is for those students who scored in the 50th percentile in all five events.

Presidential Award Winners are Amelia Czelatka , Heather Riley, Rebecca Trojanowski, Ashley Bell, and Kyra Lehmann.

National Award Winners are Diana Beufve, Nesheka Bridgewater, Kelsie Aitken, Kristen Sauter, Kristin Brady, Belinda Hines, LeShara Loatman, Monica James, Lourdes Cardona, Alison Zalrahban, Alicia Messina, Lauren Bonheim, Kate Murphy, Brittany Schlosberg, Alexandra Cox, Natalie Fox, Deirdre Apicello, Stephanie Carrera, Laura Palmer, and Angela Smith.

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