June 21, 2006

Chef du Jour

Chef Carl Holfelder, Southamptons Publick House

Beer lovers and locals alike frequent Southampton's Publick House all year-round. Executive Chef Carl Holfelder is at the helm of the brewery/restaurant that serves up creative cuisine and comfort food favorites.

Holfelder grew up in the hamlet of Hampton Bays. When he was young, he worked as a dishwasher in Donahue's in his home town. Throughout high school, Holfelder toiled in the kitchen at Indian Cove in Hampton Bays as a line cook. It was there that he developed a love of cooking and decided to continue pursuing a career in the restaurant industry. Later, he worked at the Lobster Inn in Southampton under the tutelage of Chef George Holzman, a well-known CIA-trained chef. Holfelder worked his way up the ranks and later moved on to Bobby Van's in Bridgehampton where chef Emmit Holiday cultivated Holfelder's natural talent in the kitchen. In 1998 he became sous chef at the Southampton Publick House and in 2004, Holfelder was appointed as Executive Chef.

The chef has worked closely with Don Sullivan, the owner of the Publick House, to elevate the cuisine offered at the restaurant. Holfelder often incorporates the eatery's own house-brewed beer into many of his recipes and takes advantage of the fresh produce and seafood that's available in the area. As a self-taught chef, he continues to expand his culinary knowledge and raise the bar on the marriage of beer and cuisine.

Pine Nut Crusted Striped Bass with Bavarian "Beerblanc" and Steamed Spinach

Bavarian Beerblanc:

1/2 Tb. olive oil

1/2 cup Bavarian Beer

1 shallot

1/4 lbs. Butter

Pine Nut Crust:

1/2 cup pine nuts

1/4 cup bread crumbs

8 oz. Striped Bass

6 oz. spinach

4 oz. dry white wine

Directions: Blend pine nut and bread crumbs in food processor. Coat fish with pine crust, place on small baking tray. Add wine and cook at 400 deg. for 12 min.

Beerblanc: Dice shallot and sauté in oil till translucent; add beer, reduce to 3/4. Lower heat and add softened butter until it has a hollandaise consistency.

Presentation: Ladle Beerblanc across center of plate. Place spinach in center; serve bass atop spinach and garnish with red pepper.

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