June 14, 2006

Health Trail Coming Soon

Looking to burn off that weight gained over the winter without paying to join a gym? The Town of Riverhead may be able to help.

This week, the Riverhead Town Board agreed to move forward with a $12,000 plan, proposed by Ray Coyne, the town's recreation department director.

Coyne's plan calls for the installation of a health trail at Stotsky Park, similar to those found on school grounds.

Coyne said that he got the idea after coming across a health trail recently, and recalled how he used a similar one while in college.

"They really are wonderful," said Coyne.

Councilwoman Barbara Blass agreed it's a great idea, saying that she is very excited about the new town trail.

The trail, which will span about a half a mile around the park's baseball and soccer fields, will feature 12 exercise stations.

Each station, explained Coyne, provides directions, displayed on a wooden sign, on what exercise to do, whether it be jumping rope, pull-ups, jumping jacks, or leg stretches. The stations also come equipped with equipment, such as bars for chin-ups.

Coyne says all of the equipment, which will be ordered from Play Max Park Structures, will be installed by professionals to ensure safety.

If all goes according to plan, Coyne says the health trail will be ready for use by August 1.

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    locations other in long island and ny
    November 29, 2015 | 07:26 PM

    please let me know locations of health trails park structures.
    I do know of one in Gardner Park bayshore long island, but am looking for other locations.

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    different locations of health trails park structures
    November 29, 2015 | 07:28 PM

    please let me know other locations in long island and New York city

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