June 14, 2006

Gone Fishin' Taking Advantage Of The Full Moon

Don't think that this past week's wind and rain deterred anglers from finding fish. Those who ventured out were frequently rewarded, thanks to the help of the waxing moon, which was full on Sunday evening. Even the water temperatures cooperated as they were just cool enough to keep the bait in the water.

Steve at WeGo Fishing Bait and Tackle in Southold reported great fishing on both weekend days, even though it blew at almost gale conditions. He told me that it seemed that the wind brought in new schools of fluke, while stirring up the weakfish activity. Steve noted that the striped bass bite was beginning to strengthen at night and predicted that Monday and Tuesday would bring out fish and anglers alike.

WeGo saw more blues than you can imagine during the past ten days with Steve laughingly advising boaters and surf anglers to bring the biggest cooler you can find and head to Jessups. Jumbo scup to three pounds have become a regular occurrence near buoys #16 and #17 and in the Middle Grounds.

The most impressive weigh-ins of the week at the shop are listed below:

• Terry Foss- 8.20 pound fluke at the Lawns

• Bernie Cinquemani- 10.05 pound fluke on squid and spearing off Greenport

• Brian McCleary- 11.55 pound weakfish aboard the Peconic Star

The rest of the entries are for striped bass catches, just beginning to be phenomenal, as usual, on the North Fork:

• Jimmy Woodhull- 27 pounder on light bucktails in the Gut

• Mike Urban- 39.3 pounder, while fishing with John Henry, who had a 34.8 pounder on eels aboard the Relentless Charters

• Phil Mascia- 36.05 pounder in the Gut on bucktails

The night bite in combination with the full moon has been working the usual magic to produce the kind of fishing adventures that anglers put high at the top of their wish lists.

Ken at White's Bait and Tackle in Greenport noted that weaks, porgies and stripers have become very visible around Shelter Island where the action continues to brew. He weighed in a 10.5 pound weakfish hooked off East Marion, as well as bass to 25 pounds. Ken pointed out that bucktails are the way to go and you really can't do poorly with them. He was glad to report that both the day and night bites seem equally productive.

Bill at Jamesport Bait and Tackle in Mattituck was not happy about the howling winds but noted that it did not keep avid fishermen and women from the water. He reported that Peconic Bay's buoy #26 and the area around Roger's Rock were producing good catches of fluke, weakfish and porgies. Anglers were having good success near buoy #17 with the large bluefish population, especially if you were diamond jigging.

Jamesport Bait and Tackle had seen a pickup in activity along the Sound, especially along the west side of Mattituck Inlet, if the quest was for fluke. The beaches were yielding small stripers off Horton's Point while the gigantic scup are starting to be noticed in all their usual locations.

Phil at Capt. Marty's Fishing Station in New Suffolk had a good crowd this weekend as anglers limited out on porgies and weakfish, despite the strong winds. He mentioned that the scup he's seeing daily are the biggest he's seen in 30 years. Keep in mind that last year's porgy opener was not until July first (and they're already huge). Phil suggested chumming on the western side of Robins Island for porgies, while squid strips on a drift have been doing the job with weakfish.

A look at the South Fork revealed that anglers gave thumbs-up to their success in a variety of locations. Noreast.com postings from Capt. John of the Shinnecock Star reported that the vessel is logging in their standings and they are presently open to be challenged. Entries include Gary Innes who holds the bay trophy for his 5.11 pound fluke, grabbed in Saturday's gale. Bill Nixon has high honors with an ocean fluke that weighed in at 9.4 pounds.

All trophies are waiting for winners, but nothing is carved in stone until the season ends for each species. Catch and release anglers are included in the boat's trophy program, but every fish logged in must have come over the rails of the Shinnecock Star.

Noreast also reported that a good week was in full swing aboard the Sea Otter I out of Montauk. A member of the Peconic Iron Works group took a 21-pound striper while twelve year-old Brian Maloney grabbed the biggest fluke that day; it was slightly over six pounds. Saturday night's live eel striper trip saw a battle with some difficult weather but it paid off for Tom Clougherty, who hauled in a massive 35-pound bass

Freddie's Bait and Tackle reported good fishing with a ton of blues reeled in on poppers along the beaches. The shop noted that striped bass are becoming a regular catch, especially as they are showing up in the waters close to the lighthouse.

So anglers, the wind is expected to subside this week and the full moon will bring anglers and fish together. Don't miss it!

Good Fishin' to all of you!

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