June 14, 2006

Strictly Business

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A Joint Venture

Ronald Krawczyk, President of Hamptons State Bank, and Robert Moulton, resident of Americana Mortgage Group, Inc., have formed a joint venture and are pleased to announce the addition of residential mortgage financing to the Bank's existing financial service offerings. Americana Mortgage Group, Inc. will have a locally staffed, on-site mortgage center in the Bank's headquarters on Windmill Lane in Southampton.

"Having Americana Mortgage Group on board is an extension of our good business practices and broadens our ability to provide to our clients' every financial need," Krawczyk said.

"We feel privileged to be invited to originate loans and provide mortgage expertise for Hamptons State Bank customers and be part of this Southampton community initiative," Moulton said.

For a free consultation and mortgage analysis, contact Hamptons State Bank at 287-9500, call Peg Rozzi, Loan Center Officer, directly at 921-1276, or stop in to see here at Hamptons State Bank, 243 Windmill Lane, Southampton. Visit Americana Mortgage Group online at AmericanaMortgage.com.

A Top Chef

Marco "Carmelo" Barilla, formerly of Sfuzzi's, Fiorello's Cafe, and Noi has moved to the Hamptons as the executive chef of HRH Catering, overseeing all private chef services and exclusive corporate and event services at the Atlantic, Bentley, Capri, Hampton Hall, and Pink Elephant. In addition to be a chef, Barilla is also well-known as a cooking instructor.

HRH caters at private events, product launches, film premieres, weddings, and concerts. Call 283-6100 for more information about the company's services.

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