June 14, 2006

Kids Reel

You know I saw Wedding Crashers and I really liked Vince Vaughn. He is funny. His timing was so good. And how can anyone not like Jennifer Aniston? She's like the all-American girl. So why aren't they giving these two better films to make? I tried as hard as I could to give them a chance in The Break-Up, but they just don't work well together, for my taste. There were a few laughs, but the script could have been funnier, and the movie story better, not just showing how people do not get along after they are married. I know a lot of kids who know all about that, and this wasn't a very special way to show what happens. It wasn't that funny and it wasn't that sad. So it just wasn't. Two tennis balls for the two stars who are trying so hard to find their way.


Grandma and Grandpa film pics

1. Ordinary People

2. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

3. Falling in Love

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