June 07, 2006

On The Beat

Lots Of Trouble

Last Thursday Southampton cops reported Memorial Day weekend arrests. Guess they enjoyed the days off, too, unlike Indy staffers who slaved and slaved.

Tell us officers, what's it like, a day off?

Four fellows were cuffed for ingesting illegal substances in the parking lot of a Hampton Bays nightspot over that weekend. Two 20-somethings hailing from Smithtown and Blue Point were seen using cocaine in a parked car. They were each charged with seventh degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. The Blue Point punk had more coke on him, so he'll answer to a second count of CPCS.

Concurrently, a pair of Mastic men garnered charges of unlawful pot possession. Cops saw them smoking chronic in a car.

A few nights earlier undercover cops converged on a car parked in the Tiana Beach parking lot on Dune Road in Hampton Bays. They arrested the three inhabitants of the vehicle, up-Islanders in their early 20s, from Massapequa, Amityville, and Commack. Cops say they were snorting coke in the car, so it was counts of misdemeanor CPCS all around. One of the trio, Stevie L. Haber, was additionally charged with felony fifth degree possession. Police allegedly found an eighth of an ounce and packing material in the trunk of her car.

Same place, different night, cops caught another pair of westerners injecting Ketamine in a car. A veterinary anesthetic, Ketamine has become a popular club drug known as Special K. Perhaps more accurately in this case, club parking lot drug. This tweaked twosome was charged with misdemeanor drug possession, possession of a hypo, and unlawful pot possession. One of the pair, a Bay Shore shooter, was additionally charged with resisting arrest.

A short while later, yet another couple of guys were arrested in the parking lot. They call Greenwood Lake home, and exhibited a meth preference, according to cops. The alleged discovery of cocaine and Ketamine in the trunk of the car meant felony charges for Gregory C. Rohlfs, 23, and Joseph M. Haggerty, 23.

Returning again to the Hampton Bays nightspot parking lot, the night of May 29 saw a visiting foursome snagged for pot possession. Also 20-year-olds, they come from Brentwood, Middle Village, Levittown, and Rego Park.

Found Five Faced

In East Hampton, town and village police logs noted the apprehension of inebriates. Failure to dim, as opposed to failure to be dim, was the undoing of a Sagaponack souse. Another ossified operator chose to drive and be dim, motoring sans any lights at all. He was stopped in Montauk and is a resident of Rip City. Swerving across highway markings was the nexus of a Bridgehampton man's nabbing. All three tipplers were picked up by the townies on May 27.

In the village an East Hampton intox was stopped on Main Street early Saturday morning and failed roadside sobriety tests. Using a cell phone slurring, "I love you, man" to someone on the other end, no doubt got a Brookville boozer stopped on Montauk Highway. Blowing high numbers on the breath test got him busted.

The Only Cranky Customer

South Fork police reported just one case of an irate individual this week. They were called to a popular Wainscott nightclub in response to a complaint of a female "behaving strangely." She and a friend ordered a $1500 bottle of champagne, but couldn't pay for it. Okay. Well, the strange behavior would be ordering such expensive hooch to begin with. Don't they carry Ripple?

Anyway, one girl left the club, ostensibly to get money for the champers. She didn't return. The friend ended up with not only the bill, but also a charge of possession of a forged document, after police ascertained that the date of birth on her ID had been altered.

Baubles Boosted

Police in East Hampton are investigating four cases involving the theft of pricey jewelry. A Cottage Avenue complainant told village police that someone took a $15,000 diamond necklace from her desk. It was last seen on May 18. A second victim told police that $400,000 worth of jewelry is missing from her bank safe deposit box. Last week, according to the police report, when the woman went to access the box, it was already open.

In EHTPD jurisdiction, a woman told cops that she left her purse containing her wallet and a $2500 pave diamond ring in her car while visiting Fresh Pond beach in Amagansett. Someone opened the sunroof and took her bag. Charges on her American Express showed up a short while later. Another woman left two strands of pearls worth $5000 in the glove box of her Jeep while it was parked at her Northwoods Lane domicile. Also in the car were checks for $850. It appears the car was in the driveway unlocked.

Continuing with the theme of al fresco offenses, landscape light fixtures, propane tanks and cement blocks, plus a $1200 mahogany bench were among items reported stolen from area yards last week. A $1500 radar unit was reported taken from a boat that wintered at an East Lake Drive, Montauk, marina.

Business Break-ins

You gotta love the way cops write. Describing a burglary at Pepperoni's on Springs Fireplace Road in East Hampton, the officer said it appears someone "propelled themselves up a rear wall by possibly standing on a wood plank" to get into the pizza joint. The intruders then "forced themselves through a rear window."

The cash register was $170 lighter, a locked cash box was smashed and $600 taken and two windows were damaged by the "forcing."

Walking into Liz's Deli in Amagansett last Saturday morning, the business owner found a cash register smashed, which is going to cost $400 to replace. About $100 in currency and coins was taken from a drawer near the register and a window screen is MIA.

On Stokes Court in East Hampton cops were called to the scene of a burglary last Thursday. One area resident said she'd noticed some suspicious individuals looking in windows. Cops checked the neighborhood and found a door kicked in at one house. Looked as if someone had opened closets inside the dwelling.

Rounding Up the Usual Suspects:

HE GOT A RIDE: But not the kind he was looking for. STPD booked a Pelham, New York man for disorderly conduct on Dune Road in Hampton Bays one evening during the holiday weekend. One of the usual stream of crazies who like to stand in traffic, this guy jumped in front of a line of eastbound traffic, bringing it to a standstill. He said he was just looking for a ride home. Police took him to HQ instead.

POTTY PROBLEM: The things people call the cops for, sheesh! A woman contacted EHVPD complaining that the caretaker of the house where she rents an apartment uses the bathroom during her allotted timeframe. The responding officer told her to speak to the landlord and buy a lock.

NOT-SO-SWEET PETUNIAS: A flower hater attacked plants on the deck of a South Emerson Avenue motel in Montauk early Saturday morning. Flower pots were pushed over and petunias torn from their earthen nests. All of the flowers were killed, the police report notes. Oh, the humanity!

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